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Change your marriage without changing your partner. It's not too late. This can be accomplished if both of you want to save your marriage. I enjoy helping couples transform their relationships. I believe therapy works and it can actually be fun.

Initially, husbands often feel like failures, are discouraged and passive in their relationships because they feel they can’t please their wives. Most wives feel resentful and overwhelmed because they feel like they have to do everything and initiate everything in the marriage and in the family.  I’m happy to say that all of this can change as you learn how to more effectively communicate and relate to each other.
I am pro-marriage.  Wives are happy to see that I’m able to relate very comfortably with men and that our practical, goal-oriented approach to therapy makes sense to their husbands. Both of you will be relieved to learn that you don’t have to change your personality or give up your identity for the relationship to work. The reasons your relationship has deteriorated need to be understood.  Negative emotions will gradually change as the way you talk and interact with each other changes.  Each of you will simply learn better ways to participate in your marriage which will be rewarded by positive responses from your partner and a solid emotional connection between the two of you. I will give you the information and training you need to get back on track and achieve an entire new level of intimacy.  True heartfelt love and respect changes everything.  


My approach is a blend of art and science. The “art” comes from my experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist, who has seen an average of 35 couples a week for over 40 years and 47 years in my own marriage. The “science” comes from 35 years of scientific research through the Gottman Institute on "why marriages succeed or fail."   I am the first and only Certified Gottman Therapist in the state of Montana.


I’m committed to the Gottman Method of marriage counseling because it is significantly superior to standard approaches. Initially, you will receive a full marital assessment and as a result, you will have a clear and concise view of your relationship’s strengths and weaknesses. You will simply learn to interact with each other much more effectively and the changes will be permanent because they will feel natural and they will work. Possibly the greatest advantage of Gottman Couples Therapy is that it prevents relapsing into negative behavior. I will schedule one session with you every six months for two years after we terminate our work to make sure that you stay on course and don’t get back into old habits.


Please call me 406.251.7073 or email me: jimramsey@qwestoffice.net  I look forward to hearing from you.  


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