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I have a strong belief and conviction that relationship permanence can be one of the most anchoring realities in a person's life.  Without healthy bonding and attachment we can attempt to fulfil unmet needs in the wrong direction, the wrong places, and with wrong people.  Even in functioning marriages the longterm affect of secrecy, isolation, woundedness, and neglect can destroy intimacy and trust.  This is further compounded when one or more partner has answered the siren call of the internet as a means of sexual or emotional fufilment.  Cybersex involvement has increased to where it now plays some role in over 60% of broken marriages and relationships.  

As a former campus minister I have frequently talked to adults and young peole regarding sexual issues and challenges.  But it wasn't until I  began counseling professionally in 1993 working with various anger management and faith-based domestic violence treatment providers in the Seattle area that I saw the devastation that sexual choices were bringing to families and our culture at large.  Having obtained additional training in sexual addiction treatment and I currently focus my practice in this direction.

I have a masters degree in ministry as well as one in counseling psychology and have co-facilitated men's growth and recovery groups in Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, Bothell, and Everett.  I have authored one book, "Prayer In Counseling ... The Practitioner's Handbook" and one seminar manual, "The Color Concordance".

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