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Lakeland Behavioral Health System is a leading mental health treatment center that offers several treatment options for children, adolescents, and seniors who are struggling with mental health concerns. Located in Springfield, Missouri, the staff at our premier treatment programs place an emphasis on providing compassionate, results-based care. Our treatment options available for children are tailored to the various developmental stages of childhood and adolescence. Children ages 4-11 can participate in a coed inpatient program that provides treatment using cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a type of therapy that can help patients identify triggers and learn how to respond with positive coping mechanisms. All the children’s behavioral health programs we offer focus on positive reinforcement, as our experience and decades of scientific research have shown that positive reinforcers can be an ideal way to change troublesome behavior and help a child identify problematic behavior before it occurs. Our team creates an individualized treatment plan for each child, adjusting as needed, to best support them while they work toward achieving their treatment goals. Our adolescent programs include residential and inpatient treatment for children ages 9-17. These programs are gender-specific and aim to teach kids skill-building, character-building, and creative expression. Our patients are encouraged to set goals throughout the week, work on anger management, and learn life skills. Additionally, we offer residential treatment for sexually maladaptive males ages 9-17 who are struggling to understand sexual boundaries or who are engaging in sexually inappropriate behaviors. Safety planning is an important part of treatment in this program, which can help residents learn how to respond to impulses. Additional goals of this program include teaching boys how to understand their triggers and take ownership of and responsibility for their actions. Boys in this program can also learn how to use healthier coping mechanisms and find their own self-worth in the process. We also support military families whose children need mental healthcare. In order to help these families, we have partnered with all three divisions of TRICARE to increase access to the mental health services a child may need. Our senior acute care program is designed for adults age 60 and older. This program can help seniors manage the symptoms of mental health concerns such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. We provide a comprehensive medical and psychological evaluation, individualized treatment plans, and extensive therapies and skills training programs. The team at Lakeland Behavioral Health is dedicated to helping our patients find lasting healing. Our expertly trained team of psychiatrists, physicians, social workers, dietitians, and therapists are able to provide a comprehensive suite of mental health services for those in need.

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