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Lakeland Behavioral Health System is far more than a treatment center. This provider of exceptional mental health treatment is where children, adolescents, and senior adults can come to receive the specialized and all-encompassing services they need to improve their lives for the long-term.

By selecting this Springfield, Missouri mental health treatment center, every individual who comes for care is treated with the utmost dignity and respect for what they have gone through and what they will encounter along their journey towards healing.

With the support of highly trained staff members, individuals young and old benefit from a myriad of therapeutic services and interventions that are proven to elicit positive treatment outcomes.

Children and adolescents who require superior treatment to heal from mental and behavioral health issues can come to Lakeland and participate in acute treatment that is separated by age, residential treatment, dual diagnosis care that treats co-occurring substance abuse as well, or this center's regional school program.

While a young person is engaged in any of these services, parents and/or guardians are integral parts of their child’s healing and recovery process, and each young person is afforded every advantage to help him or her achieve his or her treatment goals. Personalized treatment planning is cornerstone to the care available to youth, and every child or adolescent benefits from thorough discharge planning that is centered on helping them continue their positive progress long after leaving Lakeland.

Additionally, Lakeland Behavioral Health System is pleased to offer highly quality and renowned treatment for senior adults. The HOPE program is for men and women ages 60 and older who require more intensive and supportive services as they heal from issues that often occur as individuals grow older. As one of the few inpatient programs of its kind in the area, this program has positively transformed the lives of countless adults and made living independently a reality for many men and women who would have otherwise needed more ongoing supportive services as they age.

The HOPE program features a team of professionals from a variety of disciplines so that every adult has a truly well-rounded treatment experience. Psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, dietitians, recreational therapists, and social workers work closely with each person and bring added expertise that can enhance a man or woman's healing process.

Comprehensive psychological and medical evaluations, coping skills training, various experiential therapies, medication management services, and effective therapeutic supports are the foundation of this program, which are all part of what makes the HOPE program so successful and life-changing.

Finally, family participation is very much part of the HOPE experience, as family members and other loved ones are afforded educational opportunities to learn more about Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and other issues that impact senior adults. Those who are important to the men and women who come for care are also given the support and resources they require to assist their loved ones in maintaining a better quality of life.

As a top notch provider of world class mental and behavioral health treatment, Lakeland Behavioral Health System is truly dedicated to those who need this center's services. By navigating the streamlined admissions process and completing care at Lakeland, every person is given the chance to live the life they have always dreamed of; a life that is healthy, happy, and no longer infringed upon by undiagnosed and/or untreated mental and behavioral health issues.

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