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Natalia Ramirez is a bilingual therapist that moved from her native El Salvador to the United States to pursue both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Clinical Psychology at La Salle University in Philadelphia. After she graduated with her B.A., Natalia moved back to her country to attend the Central American University - José Simeón Cañas (UCA) for 3 years to complete the Salvadoran requirements for a Psychology Licentiate (the equivalent to a B.A). It was at this time that she began working at two different clinics that made a deep impact in her life and these experiences shaped what would be her therapeutic style in the years to come.

Natalia believes that those people that come to counseling are incredibly brave and even when society looks at vulnerability and being emotional as a weakness, being vulnerable and sensitive on the contrary is a gift that give us the courage to face painful issues that otherwise if we ignored out of fear of feeling pain, would adversely affect our lives. and the lives of those around us. Her therapeutic style is a combination of education, experience and a sense of humor. Natalia draws from person-centered and cognitive behavioral techniques to help her clients heal and process through feelings around any difficulties they are experiencing. Breaking cycles of dysfunction in our families is difficult, however, those people that come to face their issues are the agents of change that can stop these cycles from continuing to being passed on to future generations.

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