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Who Am I?

That is a question I feel many of us ask ourselves, while we describe ourselves by our roles. For example, I am a therapist, wife, mother, grandmother, artist, and dog owner to name a few. However, I believe roles do not completely explain who I am. For example, when considering who I am I also need to consider my experiences, education, wisdom I have acquired from the years I have lived on Earth; and my stories. Along with, the influences of others, my values and beliefs, and the biases these may create. This is called systemic thinking.

Marriage and family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that is based in the thought that regardless of whether a person is considering individual or family therapy all people are part of a system, including the holistic system that lives within. Therefore, when I decided to go to graduate school it only made sense to me to become a Marriage and Family Therapist.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate (MFTC) I also consider myself integrative. Integrative or sometimes called eclectic therapy consists of me considering many types of theories, techniques, and therapies, and then deciding which ones would work best for you, your family, or your relationships. For example, I may need to consider CBT for behavior modification; Solution Focused therapy to help you and your family look within to find what works best; or maybe Freudian therapy if we need to consider the past. Maybe even Experiential therapy when considering how your experiences have affected you in the past as well as how they may facilitate change in the present; or Play therapy when a child is unable to communicate, express feelings, or change his/her behavior.

Just as I cannot answer the question, who am I, in one word, in one sentence, or even one story, neither do I expect you to fit into that one type of theory, therapy, or modality box. You and your family are as unique as the stories you bring.

Therefore, if you choose me as your therapist I promise you that I will not only listen to every story that has made you the person, the family, the couple you are; I will also create a protective space, a Carapace, so that you can share each one, facilitate change, and create an amazing life!

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