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I am passionate about helping families stop fighting and disconnecting, and start living lives filled with more energy, joy and intimacy.
For years, I have seen how often people give up their true "self" for the family, but still end up without the sense of connection they desire.
We all face difficulties and challenges every day, all made worse by a culture that tends to promote conflict and disconnection.

Family therapy is based on knowing that, contrary to Simon and Garfunkel, I am not “a island...” We all are trying to find the balance between connection to others and developing our unique self. Sadly, all too often what we experience is bouncing between an unhealthy fusion and a lonely distance. We are suffering from a variety of problems that we think are due to some defect in ourselves, when it's actually the family or work system that is tripping us up. It's hard to work on and change what we are responsible for with unseen outside pressures getting in our way.

I work with individuals, couples, and families (and other groups) to explore the relationship fields and identify patterns that can be shifted to free up everyone in the family to experience more abundant life. This can help relieve a variety of problems, including anxiety, depression, addictions, child behavior problems, relationship conflict, and even not realizing one's potential.
In my own life, I am continuing to develop my true self and have found deeper intimacy by using the family systems approach to identify and side-step life-limiting relationship patterns that come down through the generations.
I have been coaching individuals and families for 15 years, including a five year stint working cross-culturally as a missionary in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I'm a Jesus-follower. When appropriate I use Scripture to provide insight and guidance.  I have locations in Bright, Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio, and also provide video sessions.
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I am trained in Structural Family Therapy through the Family Therapy Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, and in Bowen Family Systems theory and therapy through the Center for Family Consultation in Evanston, Illinois.   

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