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Pam Meyerson has been practicing for over 27 years and takes a results approach to therapy. Many clients come to her after they have exhausted numerous other avenues for change. When your life feels stagnant, mundane, and intimacy is a struggle it is time for professional help. She provides marital, relationship and individual therapy. 
Relationship or Marriage Therapy
Whether there is cheating or you just don't get along therapy will make your marriage better.  
Do you feel you constantly have the same fights over and over? You think why do we fight over such small things and have such feelings of desperation, loneliness, and anger. 
Are conversations  pointless because your partner never listens, says it never happened, and constantly make it about them?
Do you feel you constantly are doing too much and feel taken advantage of by your partner? It just feels like you are doing everything alone. Your partner is constantly on their phone or isn't paying attention to you.
Do you feel your partner is nicer to everyone but you? Aren't you supposed to be treated the best yet your partner gives too everyone else even your kids or the pets if you have them.  
 Individual Therapy I have extensive experience in patients who feel very overwhelmed by constant responsibilities, feel trapped by work or worry, and feel unsuccessful despite the contrary. In addition, I specialize in addiction including alcohol, work, spending or sex. Reach out for help you won't regret it. You can text me at 8472748423 or email me at because most people do not like making phone calls. 

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