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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • 195 W. Catawba Ave., Cornelius, North Carolina, 28107
  • Phone: 704-890-8112
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Un-Talk TM Therapist Phil DeLuca

Are you having relationship problems? Problem communicating? Is conflict and anger destroying your love, peace of mind and health?

Hello. My name is Philip DeLuca. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (LCSW)

If you answered yes any of the above, I have 40 years of experience specializing in all relationship related issues. I offer both conventional and an alternative to conventional relationship counseling. I call my unorthodox, science-based approach, Un-Talk Therapy TM.

During a twelve month international speaking tour to promote my first book “The Solo Partner“, I saw firsthand the failure of conventional conflict resolution model and became more solidly convinced that a new approach was badly needed.

I turned to the latest body and brain science to upgrade the outdated “Express Yourself” model that was developed in the 60’s, became my own guinea pig, and eventually, successful case study.

What I developed was an alternative holistic model that frequently works where conventional couples therapy fail, brings quick results, is easy to understand and implement. I call it communication for the 21st century.

My Un-Talk Therapy is the most efficient, least expensive method of ending relationship conflict and making communication fun again –- just ask any of my clients who’ve “tried everything.” All of their stories helped me craft my new book, which will be released in 2018.

I offer video counseling or in office sessions (day and evening) in the Lake Norman, NC area. I also I would be glad to help you apply this unique way of improving communication, resolving conflict and controlling anger your partner, children, or work situation.

Please feel free to call me or text me at 704-890-8112 for a free 15 minute assessment.

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