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Rolling Hills Hospital, which is located in quaint Ada, Oklahoma, is a leading provider of mental health and substance abuse treatment. Teens between the ages of 12 and 17, adults, and senior adults can come to this exemplary center and access the support and resources they require to live the healthier lives they desire. Additionally, Rolling Hills also supplies life-changing services for individuals living with intellectual disabilities so that they too can live more productive and satisfying lives.

When a teen, adult, or older man or woman is struggling with unmanaged and untreated symptoms of a mental disorder, this hospital can be the place that they turn to. Offering an adolescent inpatient program, an adult inpatient program, and a geriatric inpatient program, Rolling Hills is uniquely prepared to supply the effective, short-term, and stabilizing services individuals need to overcome a myriad of illnesses. Whether it is the symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, trauma, or a memory disorder, people of all ages can come to this hospital and partake in several evidence-based methods of treatment that can alleviate their strife. Medication management services, individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy are but a few of the interventions woven into each person's customized plan of care so that they can form the confidence and hone the skills needed to become well again. Additionally, while receiving inpatient care at Rolling Hills Hospital, every person works closely with a team of individuals whose dedication to helping people is only surpassed by their compassion and empathy for those they are treating.

Furthermore, this hospital is proud to offer top notch substance abuse treatment. Designed for adults aged 18 and older who are grappling with chemical dependency issues, this inpatient option for care features medically monitored detoxification services, an expertly trained staff of addiction specialists, and a drug-free environment that is extremely conducive to recovering from addictions to drugs like alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and the like. Men and women in this level of care enjoy a similar blend of therapeutic supports that are offered in the mental health inpatient program, though all services received are focused on helping adults become sober and learn to live sober lives. Lastly, Rolling Hills also provides dual diagnosis treatment that is meant to help individuals heal from mental health concerns and defeat substance abuse issues at the same time.

As stated, Rolling Hills Hospital proudly supplies invaluable services for individuals living with intellectual disabilities. These services are delivered by a team of highly trained professionals who are fully committed to improving the lives of those they care for. Crisis stabilization services, thorough evaluations, medication management services, various therapies, and coping skills training are but a few of the transformative elements of this treatment option. Furthermore, for each and every person who begins receiving these services, individualized treatment planning occurs and will detail the specific interventions and resources needed to improve each person's functioning and skills. By electing to help a loved one access these services, his or her life can truly be changed for the better.

At Rolling Hills Hospital, the people who come for care are a top priority and the possibility of a healthier tomorrow can begin today.

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