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  • Triple Board Certified, Licensed Psychiatrist
  • 110 North Park Drive, Fayetteville, Georgia, 30214
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You can have a psychiatrist who shares your Christian values and who takes the time to get to know you before offering you a prescription for medication!
You feel overwhelmed.  
You are like so many other Christians who struggle with mental disorders and can't find the right psychiatrist for them. Maybe you've even started to doubt your faith and salvation because you've been told that "Christians don't get mental illness." You feel ashamed, scared and guilty because maybe having a mental illness means you've done something wrong. Perhaps you are starting to feel hopeless because you've felt dismissed and ignored by psychiatrists in the past. Because your faith is important to you, you believe a Christian psychiatrist will understand you better.
I understand.
What you are experiencing is common.  Finding the right psychiatrist is difficult.  Finding a Christian psychiatrist is even more difficult. You want a Christian psychiatrist who tailors your treatment to your specific needs, and who spends time to get to know you before offering a prescription for medication. All of this is possible! Mental disorders can affect anyone-- even devoted Christians.  Having a mental disorder is not a sin. Jesus loves you. You can have the abundant life Jesus Christ intends for you to enjoy!
There is hope.
Hello, fellow believer in Christ. My name is Dr. Fortuchang.  For the past 10 year, I have had the privilege of helping wonderful people just like you, who struggle with mental disorders and the impact its had on their lives and in their relationships.  I have been able to help a multitude of Christians regain their peace, joy and hope-- despite their diagnosis.  I'd like to hear your story and see if I can help you too.   
My story.
I was baptized when I was 9 years old.  I was saved and going to Heaven, I attended church regularly, and I enjoyed all the success that the world has to offer.  But, I wasn't experiencing any real victory-- something was missing.  Then, in October 2002 while visiting a non-denominational church with a medical school classmate, everything changed!  I learned about the redemptive healing power available to me in God;s Word.  (Before then, The Bible was something I only opened on Sunday mornings to read from during communion.)  What began that October sparked a deep, experiential relationship with Jesus Christ-- a relationship through which my life's calling was made clear: "To provide psychiatric services to Christians in a way that helps them enjoy the full like Jesus desires for them to have".  As a result, The Fort Christian Psychiatric Center was established!  To God be all the glory!
 My training.
After graduating from Meharry Medical College in 2006, I began my General Psychiatry residency training at The University of South Carolina School of Medicine.  In 2009, I moved to Chicago to begin subspecialty fellowship training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at The University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center.  And, In 2001, I moved to Atlanta to begin subspecialty fellowship training in Forensic Psychiatry at Emory University School of Medicine.  I am triple board certified by The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and in the medical specialities of Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry.  I am licensed to practice medicine in Georgia and South Carolina.
My purpose.
I am passionate about helping Christians regain their peace, joy and hope despite their current problems.  So, in addition to medication management (when needed), I use evidence-based therapy techniques that I've enhanced with a Biblical perspective and a Christian framework.  My patients are addressed in entirety-- mind, body, soul and spirit, and they are educated about the effect each component often has on the others.  My practice does not discriminate against anyone and all are welcome.  However, as an overtly Christian-based practitioner, I empathetically and non-judgmentally allow God to use me as a vessel to accomplish His will. 
 Please don't wait another day!  I would love to hear your story and see if I may help you too!

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