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Sonora Behavioral Health maintains two locations in Tucson, Arizona. One location is for outpatient services, and the other is an inpatient treatment center. We are the premier behavioral health hospital in Tucson. Our treatment center offers programs for children ages 5-11, adolescents ages 12-17, and adults age 18 and older. Inpatient, outpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and telehealth services are available. Programs for adults include mental health inpatient, partial hospitalization for mental health and chemical dependency, mental health intensive outpatient, chemical dependency intensive outpatient, and electroconvulsive therapy. Our addiction treatment center organizes adult outpatient programming into two treatment tracks. The chemical dependency track serves adults who are seeking treatment for substance or alcohol addiction. The mental health track serves adolescents and adults who are struggling with mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. We offer two programs for adolescents: mental health and addiction inpatient and mental health and addiction intensive outpatient. Sonora Behavioral Health also offers mental health and addiction inpatient services for children. The average length of stay for children and adolescents in need of inpatient services is five to seven days. Adults who are seeking inpatient services at Sonora Behavioral Health can expect to stay eight days or until symptoms stabilize. Patients of all ages transition to outpatient programming after stabilization. Our mental health treatment center addresses a variety of mental health concerns, including adjustment disorder, aggression, depression, oppositional defiant disorder, psychosis, posttraumatic stress disorder, and more. Addictions treated include meth, opiates, benzos, alcohol, cocaine, synthetic marijuana, and other drugs. Treatments used at Sonora Behavioral health are a unique combination of evidence-based therapies, family meetings, medication management, and expressive therapies such as art therapy. Each patient’s treatment plan is individualized according to their needs. One of the services available at Sonora Behavioral Health is electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Many people are unfamiliar with ECT and the benefits it has to offer for people who are struggling with certain mental health concerns. ECT may be recommended for patients who have severe depression, severe mania, catatonia, and other conditions who have experienced undesirable side effects from taking psychotropic medications and have not found improvement with other therapies. Sonora Behavioral Health is proud to offer ECT as part of an overall comprehensive plan of inpatient care. The telehealth program at Sonora Behavioral Health offers patients an opportunity to receive some therapies at home. We also provide virtual visitation for patients and their family members. Free telehealth assessments are available 24 hours a day. People can discuss their symptoms and concerns with a qualified team member. If further treatment is recommended, patients can learn more about the level of care and programming that would be most beneficial. Sonora Behavioral Health provides mental healthcare for active and retired military members who are suffering from depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and addiction. Our treatment center offers care through the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Community Care Network. Sonora Behavioral Health maintains an exceptional, caring staff and a long history of providing quality care. Our dedication to providing unique therapies and comprehensive programming for children and adults has earned us a reputation as a leading mental health and addiction treatment center.

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