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Life is a journey. Sometimes this journey can be overwhelming.  It can also be overwhelming asking for help.  I offer individual counseling for adolescents and adults and will meet you where you are on your life journey.  During sessions you will find a safe place to talk and explore what you are going through.  I in turn will offer a listening heart, an understanding mind and supportive reflection and guidance.  I utilize techniques such as sand tray, mindfulness and imagery to create awareness.  Oftentimes we run on autopilot, stuck in our same patterns.  Awareness allows one to get out of autopilot and back in control.  Awareness also helps one to see what might be at the core of these stuck patterns.  Once one is aware, change can happen! 
I treat clients for:
> depression
> anxiety
> trauma (or history of trauma)
> low self-image
> grief and loss
> parenting issues
> life transitions
Clients have said:
“Stephanie is a deeply authentic counselor ingrained with the capacity to truly listen and evoke change.” – D
“I am grateful for every word Stephanie ever spoke to me, whether I consciously remember it or not, because there is a genuine kindness about her that spoke to my soul more than it did to my ears. She helped guide me to a place where I could accept myself in a way that I hadn’t been able to before.  Stephanie has given me hope.” – J
“I wish I would have met Stephanie 15 years ago!  She gets me.  I try talking to my friends and family but it’s
not the same.  Stephanie understands me without judging me.”  – K
About me:
I dreamed of being a therapist since the first Psychology class I took in high school.  This passion continued as I studied and earned my BA degree in Psychology.  But, like many people, my life journey has not always been a smooth one.  It was through the help of my own therapist that I began to heal.  I found the power and strength within myself through her help.  These experiences confirmed in me that I wanted to help others find the strength within themselves.  In 2015 I graduated with a Master of Arts in Counseling from Regis University finally fulfilling my dream.
I love being a therapist and couldn’t imagine having another profession.  I enjoy and am honored to walk beside others through their own life journeys.In addition to my private practice I am a group co facilitator at WINGS foundation.  WINGS provides services for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their loved ones.  I co facilitate a women’s group where the women can process through their journey of healing from sexual trauma.  My role is to provide safety, stability and structure to the group.
When I’m not working, I relax by hiking and camping in beautiful Colorado, reading the latest novel and playing board games with my family.

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