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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 10640 Page Avenue, Suite 230, Fairfax, Virginia, 22030
  • Phone: (703) 878-3290
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The Center for Connection, Healing & Change was conceived as a sanctuary to facilitate joyful connection to ourselves and our loved ones. Our work focuses on the creation of secure, close, and satisfying relationships – both within us and between us.

We choose to specialize in couple and family relationships because we know the importance of healthy and happy relationships for our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. When our relationships are going well, we have the confidence and energy we need to tackle the challenges that life sends our way.

Our individual therapy services offer an opportunity to explore the relationship you have both yourself and the people who care about the most, how well you can live with emotional ease, know who you are, and access your resilience in moments of hurt or stress.

We take an interdisciplinary approach, interweaving evidence-based psychotherapy and neuroscience, with the timeless wisdom of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.  Our mission is to provide you with emotional calm, abundant self-worth, optimal physical health, and harmonious relationships.

We offer couples therapy, child and family therapy, individual therapy, divorce discernment counseling, co-parenting therapy, reunification therapy, sex therapy, trauma therapy, EMDR, treatment of anxiety and depression, Spiritual Direction, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. 


Each CCHC therapist offers a different area of clinical focus. Our Intake Coordinators take time to understand your needs and match you with a therapist who is skilled and experienced in your particular area of need.

These wide-ranging specialties allow us to offer a highly creative and collaborative model of care. Clients can benefit from this wealth of clinical expertise through short-term consultation with an additional therapist or active coordination of care between our staff.

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