griefHaven Mission Statement:

griefHaven is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with the following mission:

  1. 1)  Provide loving, unique, and effective grief support tools to all who lose a loved one;

  2. 2)  Educate the public about grief, including unique aspects of the grief journey, and provide the public with current information and tools in how to support those grieving in the most loving, healthy, and effective ways;

  3. 3)  Educate and collaborate with professionals whose careers deal with grief;

  4. 4)  Align and work closely with grief researchers who are looking to better understand grief (for example, using fMRIs to research the grieving brain), and then impart that information to others;

  5. 5)  Provide many specific ways to honor loved ones; and,

  6. 6)  Maintain a positive and nurturing work environment that ensures that griefHaven’s in-house work is suffused with the same hope, love, and compassion that it shares publicly.

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