Anger Management Charlottetown PE. Counselling for Anger in Prince Edward Island

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Anger Management

Ken Pierce, C. Psych.

Board Certified Psychologist

549 North River Road (Charlottetown Vision Care Bld.), Charlottetown, PE

Everyone feels angry at times. It is a normal and healthy emotion. It is a critical learning tool to build our self esteem. Managing it is the challenge we all face. We are most angry when are personal values are threatened. I can show you how to understand where your anger comes from and how to channel it productively for your future. You will learn to respect your anger and use it as a tool for your growth. Anger can be expressed inward or outward. Each from has their costs and benefits. You will learn how to analyze your anger episodes to glean their value for your future. If you are ready to learn then I can show you how your anger can lead to more self worth. Call me!

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