Mending the Soul Groups - for Men - 04/14/2014

Workshop Image
  • Presented By: Michael Rehm, LPC
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Michael Rehm - North Pointe Counseling
  • Topic Area: Group Counseling

  • Start Date: 04/14/2014
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Daily Schedule: 6:00PM - 8:00PM
  • Registration Deadline: Call or email for further information

  • Location: 1300 East Missouri Ave. #100 Phoenix, Arizona, 85014
  • Fee Info: 12 sessions for a total of $720.00 (workbook purchased seperately)
  • Open To: General Public, Men Only

  • Contact Information: For more information E-mail Mike Rehm or call 602.762.1463


NORTH POINT COUNSELING CENTER is pleased to offer an upcoming Mending the Soul Professional Group for men in our office. 

Mending the Soul Groups offer an opportunity for personal growth and healing from painful  experiences. Have you ever thought that "things just aren't right in my life", or "I have no real, close friends"? Perhaps you have a vague sense that something is "wrong". We often cope with pain by avoiding, minimizing, or distracting ourselves through work, sex, drugs, or alcohol. This 12-week small group experience is designed to support and guide participants through an interactive process of discovering God's heart for those who are suffering. Mending the Soul utilizes biblical principles and social science research to begin empowering participants to recognize and replace old patterns; create healthy relationships; awaken spirituality and embrace the truth about who they are in Christ.  The group facilitator is an experienced clinician who is trained to support each participant as they step out of the shadows and begin their healing journey.