"Men in Transition"

  • Presented By: Two Rivers Counseling
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Jeffrey Post-Holmberg MA
  • Topic Area: Group Counseling

  • Start Date: 02/11/2013
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Daily Schedule: 7:00PM - 8:30PM
  • Recurring: Every Monday evening for 8 weeks, beginning 02/11/13
  • Registration Deadline: ongoing

  • Location: 2080 NW Everett St. Suite 202 Portland, Oregon, 97209
  • Fee Info: $40/session, payable in 4-session increments
  • Open To: Men Only

  • Contact Information: I would like to speak with each potential group member via a 15-minute phone consult, for the two of us to determine if the group is a good fit for you. Please call for an au gratis phone consult. Let me know a few good days and times during the week when you are able to chat: 503-222-1168. If you have questions about the group please feel free to call or to contact me via e-mail at: jeffrey@tworiverscounseling.com

"Men in Transition"

I would love to have your participation in this group! Here's a little information.

The group is scheduled to start on Monday, February 11 at the Two Rivers Counseling office. The group will run at between 4-5 participants.  If we do not get a minimum of 4 participants by February 11, we will postpone the group start until we have that many signed up. We will meet every Monday evening from 7-8:30. Emphasis is on establishment of a safe supportive atmosphere where guys can meet and feel free to put out there whatever is going on for them that feels like a transition. Loss of a loved one, separation, divorce, part-time parenting, job loss/transition, life inhibiting traumatic event…these are but a few of the changes that we all go through at one time or another in our adult male lives.

I see a real need for this group. It is not uncommon at all for me to work with men in my practice who are having some tough times moving through one transition or another. The group will be led initially by the therapist (me, Jeffrey) and will progress into a collaborative formation whereupon each man will have a say in how the group is run. Emphasis will be on speaking freely and listening deeply when we meet together.

Cost for the initial session will be $40 dollars. After this initial session, each guy will then decide if the group is a good fit for them, and commit to the process by paying in advance for the next month (4 sessions, $160). We encourage participants to arrive from their homes via either walking, biking, or mass transit, by giving a $5 dollar per session discount to those doing so. 

In order to foster continuity and ongoing support, we request that each group member only miss 1 of the scheduled 8 sessions. Realistically, between job, family, and sickness, we all might have to miss one. We request that group members give 24-hour advanced notice of missing a meeting, by sending an e-mail to group facilitator, Jeffrey Post-Holmberg to let him know.

I would like to speak with each potential group member via a 15-minute phone consult, for the two of us to determine if the group is a good fit for you. Please let me know a couple good days and times this week when you would be available for the phone chat.


Peace and Courage…

Jeffrey Post-Holmberg MA

Therapist...Two Rivers Counseling