Bereavement Group

  • Presented By: Jean Wolfe Powers, LMFT
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Jean Wolfe Powers, LMFT
  • Topic Area: Group Counseling, Support Groups

  • Start Date: 05/23/2013
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Daily Schedule: 10:30AM - 12:00PM
  • Recurring: Every Thursday at 10:30am
  • Registration Deadline: No registration required. Group Meetings are every Thursday. You can start anytime.

  • Location: The Landing, 32129 Lindero Canyon Road, Suite 210 Westlake Village, California, 91361
  • Fee Info: First 2 group meetings are free. After that, it is $25.00 per session which is paid in one payment monthly.
  • Open To: General Public

  • Contact Information: Jean would like to talk to you before joining the group so that we are sure to have a cohesive family of support, and so you get to know her as well. Please email Jean at: with your phone number and the best time to reach you. You can also call Jean at 805-204-8192. If Jean is in session, please leave a message stating that you are interested in the Bereavement Group, and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you lost without your spouse? Is it hard to get up in the morning?  Do you feel so disoriented, that you are in a never-clearing fog?

The unspeakable devastation through grief and loss is so daunting and consuming.  It takes a family of survivors of loss to truly understand you.  Let this group be your family of support, cope and hope until you are able to function in your new reality.

This group is made up of people who are struggling just like you.  This will become your family that really "gets" you.  Don't do this alone when the right kind of help is so accessible.

Try this group out for two complimentary sessions.  You will feel loved and love this group.  Lean on this new family as they lean on you.

Jean Wolfe Powers is a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in grief and loss.  She brings over 28 years of experience helping people just like you.  She has also recently lost her spouse, and can relate to you on every dimension.

We are here.

We are you.

We will help.

This group meets every Thursday.  This is not a drop-in group.  It is a group of survivors committed to being there for each other for as long as it takes.  The first two group meetings are complimentary. After that, it is a $25.00 per session which is paid in one payment monthly.

*This is the only group in this area that is designed to create stability, and asking for a commitment from you so that abandonment is not an issue.