Weight Loss Support Group - 06/04/2013

  • Presented By: Julie Shepardson, MA, LMHC
  • Speaker / Facilitator:
  • Topic Area: Specific issues and Disorders, Health & Wellness

  • Start Date: 06/04/2013
  • Duration: 6 sessions, 90 minutes each
  • Daily Schedule: 7:00PM - 8:30PM
  • Registration Deadline:

  • Location: 870 Clark St, Suite 1030 Oviedo, Florida, 32765
  • Fee Info: $40 per session, $240 total for 6 sessions
  • Open To: Women Only

  • Contact Information: Julie Shepardson - 407-696-9909 Julie@JulieShepardson.com

Drop the Diet Drama!


Change your relationship to food and end your emotional eating with this innovative new group.

 Join this Weight Loss Support Group with others who understand your struggle, and give yourself the opportunity to reinvent your relationship to food in a safe and non-judgmental place.

  • Explore not what you eat or how much you eat, but more importantly, WHY you eat when you’re not really hungry.
  • Learn tools and techniques to facilitate your weight loss.
  • Identify your triggers to overeating and how to combat them.
  • Be part of a supportive community that provides encouragement, accountability and motivation

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Topics to be covered:

Week 1 – Belief Busting!  - Identifying our negative beliefs about our ability to lose weight and replacing them with more accurate positive beliefs

Week 2 – Thought Control vs. Weight Control – How our thinking impacts our weight loss success.  Techniques to manage our thinking and facilitate our weight loss

Week 3 - Can I really trust my body?  Connecting to our bodies and learning to listen to them.  Feeding our bodies what they really need

Week 4 - It’s not about the food!  How our emotions affect our eating.  Identifying our emotional triggers and learning how to successfully manage them

Week 5 - I know I’m not hungry, but what else can I do but eat?  Binge Busting Strategies!  Creating a fuller, more satisfying life

Week 6 – Sustaining Change – Strategies to stay connected to your goals and to sustain the changes you’ve made


The Details:

The group will meet every other week for 3 months (6 sessions) and will meet at my office.  Day and time will be determined by the group, but probably Monday or Tuesday evening or Saturday morning beginning in late May 2013. Groups last 90 minutes and cost $40 per session or $225 if paid in full in advance. Sign up here!


Don’t wait!  This group always fills up quickly!!!

Contact Julie for more information or sign up here   407-696-9909