A Man's Group: About Being A Better Man

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  • Presented By: ACF Therapist Associates
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Earl Ledford, LCSW, CST, CET, CAP
  • Topic Area:

  • Start Date: 02/12/2014
  • Duration: 8 Sessions
  • Daily Schedule: 6:00PM - 7:30PM
  • Recurring: Every other Wednesday night.
  • Registration Deadline: February 5, 2013

  • Location: 1600 W. Eau Gallie Blvd., Suite 201U Melbourne, Florida, 32935
  • Fee Info: $20 per session for 8 session or $145 one time payment.
  • Open To: Men Only

  • Contact Information: Call Earl at 321-213-7370 to register. Limited to 8 participants.

Join this group if you would like to become more emotionally available for your spouse or partner, learn to communicate on a more personal level,  more effectively manage stress, or become a better man (husband, father, etc.).  The group will meet every other week for eight two hour sessions.  During these sessions we will;

- Explore male and female sex roles and their impact on relationships.
- Define personal goals for improving intimate relationships.
- Understand the Importance of communication in maintaining relationships.
- Distinguish assertiveness from aggressive and passive communications.
- Learn how to use “I messages” in communication situations.
- Understand listening as a learnable skill.
- Explore listening problems.
- Identify good listening habits and practice listening skills.
- Explore feelings and how feelings are expressed  in relationships.
- Understand the nature of feelings and feeling states.
- Learn how to use an assertion “formula” to express feelings and needs to negotiate solutions.

- Understand common issues involved in partner conflicts.
- Identify rules for “fair fights” and negotiation.
- Discuss and practice conflict resolution model.
- Explore techniques for enhancing self-esteem.
- Review skills for improving communication in relationships.
- Identify solutions to common relationship problems.

The final session is an optional session which will explore how myths about sexuality impact on relationships, male and female anatomy and reproductive functioning, recognize symptoms of male sexual health problems and sexual responsibilities.

The topics of this group have been selected because they are topics that have been proven to work in restoring effective communication and intimacy in relationships