Self Esteem 6 week class - 03/25/2014

  • Presented By: Shoreside Therapies
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Laurie Groh
  • Topic Area: Individual Growth and Development, Support Groups, Health & Wellness

  • Start Date: 03/25/2014
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Daily Schedule: 12:00PM - 1:00PM
  • Registration Deadline: 03/24/2014

  • Location: 4530 N Oakland Ave Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, 53211
  • Fee Info: $20 a session
  • Open To: General Public

  • Contact Information: You can call to register Laurie Groh 262-227-5890 or email me or REGISTER ONLINE

Self Esteem 6 Week Class

Low self-esteem can have devastating consequences. It can cause problems with friendships and romantic relationships. It can seriously weaken academic and job performance. Low self-esteem can also create anxiety, stress and vulnerability to drug and alcohol abuse. These negative consequences themselves will reinforce the negative self-image. This can take a person into a downward spiral of lower and lower self-esteem.

I want you to experience greater self-confidence and show you how to do it. With interactive lessons, complete with exercises and real-life I offer ideas to live by that can positively transform your life.

Sessions 1-3

Assessment, Finding positive qualities,

Sessions 4-6

Aiming for accomplishments not perfection, changing negative self-talk, Dealing with criticism, Assertiveness