PhotoTherapy CardsTM – Training

  • Presented By: aHeARTT
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Dr. Diane Hovey
  • Topic Area: Counseling Modalities / Treatment Options, Individual Growth and Development

  • Start Date: 09/21/2011
  • Duration: 1 day, five hours
  • Daily Schedule: 9:00AM - 2:00PM
  • Recurring: 3rd Wednesday of each month
  • Registration Deadline: prefered registration is at least one week in advance

  • Location: 3640 Talmage Circle, Suite 210 Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, 55110
  • Fee Info: $160 (includes workshop, When Words Are Not Enough: PhotoTherapy CardsTM and snacks) Full time MFT students receive a discount, contact for details.
  • Open To: Mental Health Professionals

  • Continuing Education Units: 5
  • CEU Info:

  • Contact Information: When: 3rd Wednesdays of odd months, 1st Friday of even months Where: aHeARTT, 3640 Talmage Circle, Suite 210, Vadnais Heights, MN 55110 Contact:, 651-470-4671

 PhotoTherapy Cards TM – a Tool for Reflection and Expression


This training is designed for professionals with education and training in counseling and related fields (marital and family therapy, psychologist, social worker, pastoral counselor, etc.),

Training includes:

  • Instruction
  • Snacks
  • When Words Are Not Enough: PhotoTherapy CardsTM for Youth & Adults
    • 2 decks of 60 cards each and a training
    • Resource Guide

1)       Objectives of training:

¨       To prepare mental health professionals in the use of phototherapy cards as a tool for engaging clients in reflective thinking and expression of thoughts and feelings typically difficult to express.

¨       To understand the theoretical framework governing the development and use of the phototherapy cards.

Objective for additional credit hours:

¨       To apply the use of the phototherapy cards with a specific area of therapy (i.e. grief, couples in conflict, chronic illness, etc.)


2)      Knowledge gained by participants:

In addition to meeting the above objectives, the participants will learn how to use the phototherapy cards to enhance practice skills and knowledge.  The PhotoTherapy CardsTM help make it possible to:

             express complex feelings

             talk about guarded thoughts

             think multi-dimensionally

             get out of a rut or move beyond a plateau

             recognize salient aspects of an issue not previously seen

             give a tangible way to express feelings

             unpack multi-level meanings that impact lives

             interweave contradictory thoughts and feelings

             make the chaos of emotions more comprehensible 

The training will enhance the skills and knowledge of the therapist in guiding clients to reach deeper and richer levels of awareness.  Therapists will be better equipped to assist their clients in weaving  their newly uncovered awareness into the reality of their lived experience.  Through this process clients develop a stronger sense of self allowing them to be more effective (caring and compassionate) in their intimate relationships and thereby building strengths and a renewed sense of direction or purpose in life. 


PhotoTherapy CardsTM were developed by Dr. Hovey, a marriage and family therapist and a poetry therapist, based on eighteen years of work with individuals and families living with overwhelming life challenges and ongoing health conditions. The images reflect the thoughts and feelings used by these families to convey their experiences.  The PhotoTherapy CardsTM were decisively selected for their multiple layers of symbolism and meanings. They have been used by several therapists to test their usefulness and applicability in different settings and have proven to be a powerful therapeutic tool.


Therapist Feedback:

·         These PhotoTherapy CardsTM have been session-savers! The results have been rewarding and remarkable. Each of the times I’ve used the cards it has lead to information I did not know and to the exploration of my clients’ real worries and concerns.        ~Harriet Kohen, MA, MSW, LICSW

·         I liked everything about this workshop! Diane’s cards are interesting and integrative.  The experience with them was instructive and powerful. I wanted more! ~Wendi Kaplan

·         This was the best workshop ever.

·         Extremely satisfying.  I love the idea, the visual and the written stimulation.