The Matthew Condition Workshop

  • Presented By: Rumsey Consulting, LLC
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Dr. Bruce Rumsey
  • Topic Area: Marriage Enrichment, Individual Growth and Development

  • Start Date: 10/24/2014
  • Duration: 12 hours Friday, 12 hours Saturday, 9 hours Sunday
  • Daily Schedule: 9:00AM - 9:00PM
  • Recurring: Approximately every 6 weeks
  • Registration Deadline: October 22, 2014

  • Location: 7600 E. Eastman Ave, 3rd Floor Denver, Colorado, 80231
  • Fee Info: $280 per individual
  • Open To: Mental Health Professionals, General Public, Couples

  • Continuing Education Units: 20
  • CEU Info: Submit to your professional portal through DORA prior to event

  • Contact Information: Remember your early childhood? When you had no worries, no fears and did and said what came naturally? You were in “The Matthew Condition” where life is joyful, simple and vital. What if this ‘essence’ never left you? To return to that time and essence is essential for health and well-being. Change isn’t the primary focus of healing. Instead, the better process is to re-discover your best self – to return. These “new to you” tools and experiential training have been applied to individuals, couples, groups and companies over 20 years. This model is absolutely unique and unprecedented and paves the road back to you. You are invited to attend The Matthew Condition 3-day life training on September 12th to September 14th. After attending The Matthew Condition Workshop, you will have the cutting-edge tools to enhance your quality of life, your relationships, and to return to your best self. "The man who trained me, who is my mentor and coach, is finally offering an event. He trains other therapists and works with individuals. Saying Dr. Bruce Rumsey is an amazing coach and mentor is an understatement. So when he said he was going to offer his own event for individuals as well as therapists where he will teach his process, I got very excited. Check out the link below and reserve time to return to an extraordinary life.” —Jocelyn Hilling, Owner of At Peace Therapy Centers, LLC To find the upcoming dates, to REGISTER, and to obtain more information for this limited seating three-day life training: Go to and click on “The Matthew Condition Workshop” Email: or call 844-921-0758To find the upcoming dates, to REGISTER, and to obtain more information for this limited seating three-day life training: Go to and click on “The Matthew Condition Workshop” Email: or call 844-921-0758

The Matthew Condition is a model of human essence, and a series of proven strategies designed to help you get your best life back.  Applied to individuals, couples, groups, and companies over 20 years, this model has paved the road back to hope, happiness, and success for countless individuals and couples.

What just happened?  Is this as good as it gets?  Are my best days behind me, or might they lay in front of me?  Life has a funny way of catching all of us off guard, and these surprises come wrapped in lots of packages.  How do we hold on, fight on, dream on? 

The Matthew Condition helps you understand you and your world in a radical, fresh new way, and provides you strategies to realize your best life.

Here are some of the questions The Matthew Condition explores:

How do I tap the 4 Instincts that define my essence?

How do I satisfy the 7 Appetites that determine my quality of life?

How did the 3 Pivotals get me off track?

How do I create the best life possible?

How do I take risks again to realize this best life?

I'm tired of the 6 Deadly Sins - I want to live again!

Drawing on his vast experience working with men and women facing various challenges, his facilitation of over 9,000 groups, his work with hundreds of couples, his entrepreneurship, his professional coaching with companies and professional athletes, his academic career (voted outstanding faculty member in 2012), and his own experience as a husband and father of 5 children, Dr. Rumsey walks you through the Matthew Condition in an engaging, fun, provocative, and memorable manner.