The Gifts of Imperfection Brene Brown 3 Week Course

  • Presented By: Women Arise International
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Dr. Wendy Dubois
  • Topic Area: Individual Growth and Development, Career / Vocational, Group Counseling, Support Groups

  • Start Date: 01/28/2017
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Daily Schedule: 1:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Recurring: Every Saturday afternoon for 3 weeks starting January 28th, 2017
  • Registration Deadline: January 20, 2016

  • Location: Suite 600-601 West Broadway Street Vancouver, British Columbia, V6H3P5
  • Fee Info: $300.00 plus 5% GST, total $315.00 covered by most extended health programs
  • Open To: General Public, Women Only

  • Contact Information: Contact Dr. Wendy Dubois at

The Gifts of Imperfection Seminar for Women

 Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

We will be going through the ten guideposts found in the book The Gifts of Imperfection such as:

Guidepost #1 Cultivating Authenticity--Letting Go of What People Think
Guidepost #2 Cultivating Self-Compassion--Letting Go of Perfectionism
Guidepost #3 Cultivating a Resilient Spirit--Letting Go of Numbing and Powerlessness
Guidepost #4 Cultivating Gratitude and Joy--letting Go of Scarcity and Fear of the Dark
Guidepost #5 Cultivating Intuition and Trusting Faith--Letting Go of the Need for certainty
Guidepost #6 Cultivating Creativity--Letting Go of Comparison
Guidepost #7 Cultivating Play and Rest--Letting Go of Exhaustion as a Status Symbol and Productivity as Self-Worth
Guidepost #8 Cultivating Calm and Stillness--Letting Go of Anxiety as a Lifestyle
Guidepost #9 Cultivating Meaningful Work--Letting Go of Self-Doubt and "Supposed-to"
Guidepost #10 Cultivating Laughter, Song and Dance--Letting Go of Being Cool and "Always in Control"
I have been trained as a Daring Way facilitator and am a registered clinical counsellor. As a result, this workshop is covered under most extended medical plans making this completely free for you.
My mission is to provide a place for you to "come as you are" to a group experience, to provide a place of safety for you to make authentic connections with others and to experience your personal breakthrough.

If you desire to live more authentically and are wondering how, or are looking for the tools to do so, then I would like to invite you to come to, Suite 600-601 West broadway Street.
If you have any questions about the workshop please do not hesitate to give me a call at 604.728.4722