Anger Management: Taming the Beast Within - 07/20/2012

  • Presented By: Family Counseling and Coaching of Miami
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Ernesto Felipe-Cuervo
  • Topic Area: Marriage Enrichment, Group Counseling

  • Start Date: 07/20/2012
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Daily Schedule: 6:00PM - 7:00PM
  • Registration Deadline: register at before May 27/2012

  • Location: 75 Valencia Avenue.. Coral Gables, Florida, 33134
  • Fee Info: $40 per session, 1 Session per week, 10 weeks
  • Open To: General Public

  • Contact Information: submit inquiries at or by phone at 305-640-5608

Anger Management Group: Taming the Beast Within

What is ager? Why do we get angry? Why do some of us seem to have such a hard time managing our anger, while others appear unmoved by it? Is anger ever OK? These are some of the questions that many people who have participated in the anger-management workshops, groups and individual sessions we offer at Family Counseling and Coaching of Miami often ask 

At Family Counseling and Coaching of Miami, we provide individual psychotherapy with a focus on anger management, as well as group therapy sessions (total of 10), and life coaching workshops and seminars (as requested by institutions, churches, etc.) that are aimed at helping participants gain a deeper insight into stress, anger and emotional management.

In our group sessions and workshops the following questions will be answered: 

·         What is the biology and psychology of anger

·          What makes us angry and why?

·         What is the connection between anger and stress?

·         How do we recognize the beginning of anger in self and others (physical, mental and behavioral signs)?

·          What have we been taught about anger and how to express it?

·         What are some of the most effective methods for dealing with anger (recognize, evaluate, and cope)?

·         How can we express anger in productive ways (assertive vs. aggressive, passive and passive aggressive)?  

·         How do we turn anger into a purposeful and mindful action without ignoring our needs and values? 

Group sessions run for 10 week-cycles. They usually include up to 10 participants and graduates from the group receive a certificate of completion at the end of the last session. Workshops are often a one shot four-hour interactive event that can be brought to the company or institution that requests it. Finally, individual sessions are recommended when participants are evaluated to need a more personalized approach that can help uncover obstacles to anger management.