Workshops on Becoming a Healthier You!

  • Presented By: Nikaos Counseling Colorado
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Valerie Senger
  • Topic Area: Marriage Enrichment, Family Growth and Development, Individual Growth and Development, Health & Wellness

  • Start Date: 01/07/2016
  • Duration: Each workshop lasts 1 hour.
  • Daily Schedule: 5:00PM - 6:00PM
  • Recurring: This series of 4 workshops will run throughout the year (2016) mostly on Saturday mornings and on Thursday evenings.
  • Registration Deadline: on the website:

  • Location: 6059 S. Quebec St., Clubhouse just west of office Denver, Colorado, 80111
  • Fee Info: Fees are taken at registration and vary depending on the date and time.
  • Open To: General Public, Women Only

  • Contact Information: The best way is to register on and go to my site on If you would rather not register on MeetUp then call or text me at 720-982-7057 and I will reserve a spot for you.

Below is a description of the four workshops I offer.  Feel free to come to one or to as many as you would like. 
Establishing Healthy and Safe Personal Boundaries

Do you ever feel taken advantage of by others? Are you asked to carry messages to other people or do things for someone that they should do for themselves? Or maybe you are caught in a relationship that is disrespectful or abusive? Then this workshop will help you. I will talk about what healthy and safe boundaries look like, and why we should establish them. How healthy boundaries protect and serve us if we understand them and become active partakers in creating them. Flexibility is also important with boundary setting and I will show you two simple tools for acquiring that flexibility. Lastly, I will discuss some of the struggle with establishing boundaries in families.

Creating Strong Lasting Relationships

      Are you the one wondering whose turn it is to call, or suggest a date? Are you the one feeling confused about an action or comment your partner made and yet you want to just let it slide,,, again. Do you wonder why your girlfriend is so clingy? Or maybe she is angry with you and you have no clue how to resolve it without just dumping the relationship. This workshop will help you!

      I will discuss insights from the professionals about what a healthy bond looks like and how to work through your style of bonding to get the results you want! I will discuss the theory behind relationship bonds with others and what to strive for in relationship with your significant others or your child so that you and they can have a healthier relationship. This workshop will provide insights for adults struggling with relationships, health, and occupational success that may be rooted in long standing insecurity.


The Law of Attraction and Your Mental Health

      What is all this attention about and Law of Attraction (LoA) and why doesn''t it seem to work for me? I will discuss the prevalence of mental illness in our culture, a general non-diagnostic way counselors use to evaluate your mental health and some practices for maintaining your own healthy mental status.

      Oh, yes, the Law-of-Attraction has great relevance, but is only a part of the picture for success in this life. Find out what another part of the picture is which would include Buddhist and Christian thoughts on success.


Personality Factors in Relationships

      Do you ever wonder why some people get along great and others just cannot seem to find or move forward in relationships? Please join me for a workshop on, “Personality Factors in Relationship.” I will be using models of human development and personality research to help you know what to look for before diving into your next relationship. This workshop may also help you become more interesting to your current partner by tweaking where you fit on the continuum in one or two of the personality factors or by addressing some developmental shortfalls.