Facing The Shadow

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  • Presented By: Novus MIndful Life Institue
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Duane Osterlind
  • Topic Area: Addictions

  • Start Date: 05/17/2016
  • Duration: 6 Days Total - Over Two Weekends
  • Daily Schedule: 12:00AM - 12:00AM
  • Recurring: Quarterly
  • Registration Deadline:

  • Location: 2900 South Harbor Blvd, Suite 220 Santa Ana, California, 92704
  • Fee Info: 3480
  • Open To: Men Only, Other (see description)

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Facing the Shadow Workshops

Facing the Shadow is two parts, each consisting of three-day intensive workshops designed for individuals struggling with sexual compulsivity and addiction. You will gain insight, education about your addictive process, experience group therapy and begin your road to recovery.
WHY Attend these Workshops?
When you are finished with these workshops you will have strong strategies that you can use to ...
  1. Understand how you have used denial to continue your addiction.
  2. Understand your own cycle of addiction so you can change it.
  3. Create a solid recovery plan so you can continue healing.
  4. Learn how to set up an accountability network for yourself.
  5. Begin to understand the underlying reasons powering your addictive process.
  6. Build your relapse plan and a fire-drill plan.
  7. Begin to use mindfulness to tolerate your uncomfortable emotions  that drive your addict self.
  8. And much more

What Happens at each workshop weekend?

Workshop Part 1 (Education, Sobriety Plan and Relapse Prevention)

Learn how you use denial to continue your addictive process and begin to understand your addictive cycle. Begin to build your recovery plan and outline a relapse process. Create your recovery toolkit and understand what sexual sobriety is for you. Finally learn to build your support network, the most needed part of the recovery process. You will learn tools and strategies to help reach out to others and build the support network you need.

Workshop Part 2 (Understanding Your Addiction, Arousal Template and Trauma)

Begin to understand your type of acting out behavior and outline your arousal template to understand the deeper causes of your addictive cycle. This is a difficult task, but is essential if you want long term recovery.
Remember recovery can not be done alone.

Look forward to seeing you there!
Facing the Shadow Intensive Workshops are two 3-day intensive workshops designed to follow each other. It will help you understand your addictive cycle and how you can begin to change. It is educational and therapeutic. They are designed in a way to help you understand and have the time to absorb the material. It is also designed to fit into your schedule.

These workshops are based on the work of Dr. Patrick Carnes, combining both educational and experiential approaches, to provide healing from addictions and a strong roadmap towards recovery. We use the Task Centered approach that sets you up for success.

These workshops formats are ideal if you are new to the recovery process or if you are having a hard time maintaining sobriety. It is also tremendously helpful to have other group members go through the process with you. You will feel supported and understood in ways many people have never experienced.

Change is possible and we will help guide you toward the right path.

Sign up today!  Space is limited to four participants.

We believe in the work we do! If at any time after 6 months of completing this workshop you feel that it is not beneficial to you, we will gladly issue you a full refund!