Actual Energy Clearing - 11/04/2016

  • Presented By: Medicine Dance Counseling
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Christina Pratt
  • Topic Area: Counseling Modalities / Treatment Options, Individual Growth and Development, Spirituality & Faith

  • Start Date: 11/04/2016
  • Duration: Saturday, 11/5, 9:30 am - 9:00 pm; Sunday, 11/6, 9:30 am - 1:00 pm
  • Daily Schedule: 5:30PM - 9:30PM
  • Registration Deadline: October 21, 2016

  • Location: 687 Strander Blvd Tukwila, Washington, 98188
  • Fee Info: $275.00 includes Saturday dinner
  • Open To: Mental Health Professionals, General Public, Couples

  • Continuing Education Units: 15
  • CEU Info: This training has been approved for 15 CE’s for Washington State licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Social Workers.

  • Contact Information: To register click the link to the brochure, fill out the form and email or snail mail as indicated on the form. If you have questions, please call 206-949-9391.

This body-based clearing practice works at the interface between the physical body and the energy body where we find our “felt sense” of things. This process moves beyond insight, understanding, tapping, and wishful thinking into actually letting energies go and transforming our relationship to our experiences and ourselves. It is a tool that helps us gain the freedom and emotional health needed to live our true dreams without distraction.

Everyone gets tired of their same old issues and repeating the same old patterns, in spite of good efforts to change. No matter where the wounding comes from—past or present, physical or spiritual, mental or emotional—we hold it in the body forever, until we choose to clear it.