CBT for Managing Grief & Loss - 05/15/2019

  • Presented By: Cobourg Counselling
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Nancy Richardson
  • Topic Area: Group Counseling, Support Groups, Health & Wellness

  • Start Date: 05/15/2019
  • Duration: 6 weekly sessions
  • Daily Schedule: 7:00PM - 9:00PM
  • Registration Deadline: May 15 2019

  • Location: 438 Division St cobourg, Ontario, K9A 3R8
  • Fee Info: $160 for all 6 sessions or $30 each session
  • Open To: General Public

  • Contact Information: To register contact Nancy Richardson: nancy@cobourgcounselling.com or call 866 309-8269

Small Group Counselling and Support

using evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a proven and effective treatment for grief, loss, depression & anxiety.

Everyone grieves differently and there is no “right’ answer for how to cope when someone you love dies. But you don’t have to be alone in this process. No matter how long you’ve been grieving, we offer a safe and compassionate place to explore the complex emotions of loss.
We will provide strategies and tools for coping as we build a community of hope and connection.

6-week program begins May 15 from 7 9 pm. Cost: Six sessions package: $160. Individual sessions: $30 ea. Check with your Insurance

provider for coverage. For details contact Nancy at (866) 309-8269