Family therapy services in 12469: Preston Hollow, NY. Relationship and couples counseling.

Family counseling in 12469: Preston Hollow, NY. Honest and effective help for couples, relationships and blended families in and around Preston Hollow, New York.

Siri Sokol, D.S.M. Ordained Minister
Family Therapist

Siri Sokol, D.S.M. Ordained Minister

Wellness Coaching

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Where moms self-abnegate and children are wrong,family counselling helps reduce tension. Casting or assuaging wrongful blame rerely helps; it's considered much more beneficial to access restitution via admission of guilt by the offender. It takes a big person. to admit he was wrong!!!! Confession, affidavit, apology, rescinsion, abdication, exhonneration, invalidation, and denial often work. Where denial can be seen as a cop-out - particularly when there is a loss of life, denial o culpability where children cast blamesgo the mother an be iewed as good.

12469 is a zip code located in Albany County and part of Preston Hollow, New York. It has a land area of 33.905 square miles.  The population of 12469 is 677 people.