Adrian Fletcher, Psy.D.

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My Approach: 
I make it my utmost priority to create a safe, warm and inviting atmosphere for you to come to therapy and actually want to come in, it is not uncommon to want to avoid “tough stuff”. I want you to know I am here to assist you in gaining an understanding of how your current distress came to be. My philosophy is that in therapy you are on a journey to self-discovery and I am like a travel guide pointing out what might be important stops or avenues to look at along the way; with the goal of helping you create joy and peace in your life. 
I have over 12 years of experience treating clients in hospital, community, medical and private practice settings. Additionally, I have extensive experience treating Veterans as a former employee of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.
My specialties include assisting people in managing their symptoms of anxiety (stress), low grade depression and posttraumatic stress. I also help people that are adjusting to life transitional periods (beginning college, post divorce recovery, retirement, career changes, relocating, etc.), as well grief/loss and bereavement. Additionally, I assist people who want to improve their overall sense of self by increasing their self-esteem, self-care, coping skill management and self-compassion. 

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