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Anger Therapist

The Couples Expert-Loving Connections Counseling LLC, LCSW

Marriage and Family Counselor

7047 E Greenway Parkway Suite 250, Scottsdale, Arizona

I work with couples where anger is an issue in their relationship. i offer services that will allow individuals and couples to identify ways to reduce the anger in their life and clarify some of the triggers looking for the alternative ways of handling this. The couple will practice new ways of relating with one another and learn that explosive anger does not have to exist in the relationship. They will find ways to share their thoughts and feelings in appropriate ways.

Anger Therapist

Carol L Hunt, MAPC, LAC, CCTP

Clinical Counselor and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

5010 E Shea Blvd., Suite D-202, Scottsdale, Arizona

Anger can mask loneliness, sadness, and fear, but become violent and affect relationships bitterly. Depression is anger turned inward affecting every part of one's life. Often anger arises when a current situation is similar to others in a client's past. A thorough history is explored revealing hurtful events, learned angry behavior, attitudes, and limitations (often children are silenced). New descriptive language is developed along with coping skills, emotional regulation, communication skills, and a greater sense of an expressive and peaceful adult self.

Anger Therapist

Bonnie Slater, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

7418 E Helm Dr Suite 118, Scottsdale, Arizona

What is ANGER? It is a natural response to perceived threats. It's a warning bell that tells you when something is wrong. Anger might trigger or encompass other emotions, such as sadness, disappointment or frustration. Anger becomes a problem only when you don't manage it in a healthy way Anger managementcounseling you to recognize frustrations early on and manage your emotions in a way that allows you to express your needs, while remaining calm and in control. Coping with anger is an acquired skill which involves unlearning some of the bad behaviors th

Anger Therapist

Tara J. Nolan, M.S.W., M.Ed., L.C.S.W.

Personal, Career, and Relationship Life Coach

In NE Phoenix at Greenway and Tatum, Phoenix, Arizona

Anger has been called a “secondary emotion”. This is because sometimes, though not always, it masks other deeper and more vulnerable emotions such as sadness and fear. Excessive anger is often the result of unresolved hurt and trauma that has not been fully processed and healed. Another source can be ineffective communication skills that leave one frustrated in relationships. Anger can also be the result of untreated depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. My clients receive a comprehensive evaluation considering all possible sources of the anger, to treat it at its source, as well as learn techniques and behavior modification to deal with it constructively when it arises.

Anger Therapist

Anne Brown, MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

4300 North Miller Road, Suite 222, Building D, Scottsdale, Arizona

Anger can harm our relationships, career, academics and even our sense of self. Anger is usually a symptom of deeper issues within ourselves or our struggles to cope with others' issues. Underneath of anger is often pain, fear, shame and loneliness. Learning coping skills for anger management is helpful. However, addressing its' origins and the related boundary issues leads to an overall reduction in negative feelings, rather than just learning to tolerate them. I can help you discover the source of unproductive anger and guide you in the process of resolving it, so that anger becomes a useful tool for alerting you of trouble, rather than causing more of it.

Anger Therapist

Martin Keller, Ed.D.,ABPP, FAACP

Diplomate in Clinical Psychology

11020 North Tatum Blvd., Phoenix, Arizona

Problems with appropriate expression of anger often contribute to relationship strain within couples, marriages, parent child connections, friendhips, families, friends and work associates. Dr. Keller helps patients explore the underlying hurt and feelings of vulnerability often associated with impairments in anger management. He teaches assertive skills, communication skills, conflict negotiation skills,and relaxation skills necessary for appropriate expression of anger. At times inappropriate anger is related to neurobiological problems and or substance abuse.. Dr. Keller refers patients to medical speicalists for further evaluation when indicated.

Anger Therapist

Gregory Crow, Ph.D.


7510 E. Angus Dr., Scottsdale, Arizona

Most commonly, I work with men who need help with anger. All of us can lose our cool and hurt other people, but some of us are more likely to express ourselves through anger. There are many reasons why someone might have this issue. The key to learning to redirect ourselves at the critical moment is to be aware of our felt sense at the time. Most people are able to detect, when they train themselves to do so, a charge of emotion in the body. At such times, one must absent the situation before he says and or does something regrettable. It is helpful to learn to be mindful of our felt senses so we can drain the stress through special techniques and also avoid losing control.

Anger Therapist

Kelly Morris, MA, LAC

Licensed Associate Counselor

14274 N Northsight Blvd, Suite 100, Scottsdale, Arizona

If you express your anger in ways that affect your relationships or your career or even get you in legal trouble, then anger management can help you learn to express your anger appropriately and without hurting yourself or those around you. I will help you learn, practice and apply simple and effective techniques to manage your anger, reduce your stress and lead a happier, healthier life.

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Scottsdale is located in Maricopa County, Arizona. It has a land area of 183.94 square miles and a water area of 0.47 square miles.  The population of Scottsdale is 236,839 people with 102,424 households and a median annual income of $73,288. .

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