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Couples Counselor

Anne Brown, MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

4300 North Miller Road, Suite 222, Building D, Scottsdale, Arizona

When beginning counseling, most couples will say they want happiness and trust in the relationship. We are all deserving of safe and fulfilling relationships, yet figuring out how to do it can be difficult sometimes. I use an approach that evaluates the unmet needs and wants on both sides of the relationship. Very often it is not only from our loved one that we aren't getting what we need, but from ourselves. We all enter relationships with our own history and expectations. I help couples see beneath what is not working to develop greater understanding and compassion for each other. As our inner-most self is safely revealed, we can learn to love and be loved.

Couples Counselor

Martin Keller, Ed.D.,ABPP, FAACP

Diplomate in Clinical Psychology

11020 North Tatum Blvd., Phoenix, Arizona

I teach couples communication skills and conflict negotion skills. I help couples develop an empathic understanding of how childhood experiences affect their current relationship. I always attempt to create a safe therapeutic enviornment within which feelings can be openly discussed. I use research based interventions to assist couples in attaining the goals established in our initial consultation

Couples Counselor

Carol L Hunt, MAPC, LAC, CCTP

Clinical Counselor and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

5010 E Shea Blvd., Suite D-202, Scottsdale, Arizona

Imago Therapy explores our concepts of love developed in childhood. We are unconsciously drawn to persons who will help us heal and develop where we learned to hold back or were not allowed to express ourselves. Our partner reflects the positive and negative aspects of our parents/caregivers and gives us a second chance to heal and release inhibited personality traits. We address the wounds of each partner, re-experience romance, learn to turn complaints into requests, resolve extreme anger, and re-envision the relationship as safe and happy. Communication skills of mirroring, validating, showing empathy are developed so they feel like a natural way to relate.

Couples Counselor

Bonnie Slater, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

7418 E Helm Dr Suite 118, Scottsdale, Arizona

Couples counseling can bring peace, stability and communication back into the relationship. Couples counseling is a process of helping those in the relationship to be better able to recognize and manage differences and and change the negative patterns of interaction. Counseling works to increase that understanding and acceptance of the significant other. Couple therapy may be short term or over a longer period of time. I also strongly encourage couples to seek pre- marital counseling to give their marriages the best possible start!

Couples Counselor

Gregory Crow, Ph.D.


7510 E. Angus Dr., Scottsdale, Arizona

Many couples come for counseling and their number one request is Communication Skills! It's always communication plus something...parenting, aging parents, finances, sex etc. It take dedication to make a new skill into a trait (something you naturally do). In addition to this, couples get to know each other through a variety of assessment instruments, learn conflict resolution skills, identify the marital "dance" and develop greater empathy, leading to softening of hearts and the ability to reconnect at a deeper level.

Couples Counselor

Tara J. Nolan, M.S.W., M.Ed., L.C.S.W.

Personal, Career, and Relationship Life Coach

In NE Phoenix at Greenway and Tatum, Phoenix, Arizona

There are so many facets to be addressed in making a relationship the best that it can be! I train my clients in the most cutting edge, research based techniques to enhance your communication skills, achieve healthy problem solving, understand your partner's deepest emotional needs, and speak each other's love languages. The quality of your love relationship can impact not only your emotional but also your work and physical health. I take great pride and joy in seeing my couples achieve a level of happiness together that they have never experienced before. Let's make it the best it can be!

Couples Counselor

Adrian Fletcher, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Scottsdale Atrium Professional Building 14300 N. Northsight Blvd., Ste. 107, Scottsdale, Arizona

I work with a variety of couples and use an emotion focused approach that helps couples improve their communication and relationship. The couples I work with feel heard validated and empowered. Couples therapy does not need to be a dreaded experience, often times just a small shift in communication can make all the difference in improving the partnership.

Couples Counselor

The Couples Expert-Loving Connections Counseling LLC, LCSW

Marriage and Family Counselor

7047 E Greenway Parkway Suite 250, Scottsdale, Arizona

Your relationship is precious and deserves to be understood and nurtured. Utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), we can work together to get to the issues that matter most. EFT has been validated and supported through many years of research and has proven highly effective in helping couples improve their relationship, resolve conflict, and feel safe, loved and connected. I am committed to working for your relationship. I want to help you: • Rebuild safety and trust • Feel like you’re a priority in your relationship • Hear, understand, and respond to one another in a way that builds emotional intimacy Don’t hesitate to call.We can make these changes in your relationship!

Couples Counselor

Kelly Morris, MA, LAC

Licensed Associate Counselor

14274 N Northsight Blvd, Suite 100, Scottsdale, Arizona

Each partner in a relationship must develop their own expectations. To have a happy, healthy relationship, you must first learn to take personal responsibility for your own happiness and health. It is not your partner's responsibility to make you happy. In couples counseling, you will learn to set personal and relational goals, and you must be able to identify when a problem in a relationship is a deal-breaker. Healthy boundaries and assertive communication are keys to success. However, family of origin influences may affect your relationship today and require addressing before you can be fully "present" with your partner.

Couples Counselor

Therapy With Heart, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

8737 E. Via De Commercio, Suite 200, Scottsdale, Arizona

Therapy is always focused on relationships and how they impact the quality of your life. In couple’s therapy I will address communication, conflict resolution, trust, and intimacy as well as the specific challenges of your relationship and situation. It is critical that both “sides” in the relationship feel heard. Based on the commitment and conversations you bring to our sessions, we will move through the hurts from the past into a new level of connection in the future. Rachel has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Approach. Research shows that approximately 90% of couples report significant improvement in their relationship after completing Emotionally Focused Therapy.

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Scottsdale is located in Maricopa County, Arizona. It has a land area of 183.94 square miles and a water area of 0.47 square miles.  The population of Scottsdale is 236,839 people with 102,424 households and a median annual income of $73,288. .

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