Angelie Karabatsos, MA, QMHP, MBA

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  • Clinical Mental Health Counselor
  • 6950 SW Hampton St. Suite 216, Tigard, Oregon, 97223
  • Phone: 503-841-2142
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  • Session Fees: For Individual and Career Counseling the average fee is between $50.00-80.00. For Marriage or Couple's Therapy the average fee is between $60.00-80.00. I also offer a 10% discount to seniors and students.

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 Does life feel like a never ending maze? No matter which direction you take you feel stuck.  Seeing new perspectives creates new opportunities.  Developing coping strategies to deal with expected or unexpected life events.  Understanding why you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or tense.  Deepening trust with a spouse or family
members.  Exploring hopes, wishes, and dreams.  Finding happiness and joy to
your life.  This is what counseling is all about.  It is an amazing journey of self-discovery.  No matter if you are seeking individual, couple’s or group therapy. Sometimes all you need is someone to listen.
I offer collaborative and compassionate counseling for individuals and couples.  I provide safe space to review, discover, and grow. My mission is simple: Assist individuals and couples create the life and relationships they desire!  This means helping people improve communication, reduce conflict, or reengage after an affair.  Assisting people cope with anxious situations, or finding ways to alleviate stress.  Working with people to confront deep wounds and heal broken hearts. A variety of techniques are utilized to ensure individualized treatment. Many people find the mindfulness and guided imagery exercises provided in session helpful in reducing anxiety, depression, or stress. My approach in working with individuals is to understand and correct false beliefs influencing actions to improve the quality of life.
Marriage or couple’s therapy focuses on understanding each partner’s needs, identifying resentments, rebuilding trust, and learning to communicate better with your spouse or partner.  Resolving conflict in these areas leads to a
deeper emotional connections which increases intimacy.  
Career counseling focuses on identifying skills and interests and matching them to occupations. Formal and informal assessment tools are utilized. Goal setting is also taught to help people reach their goals.
I hold a Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling from George Fox University and a Master of Business Administration from Marylhurst University. I spent 23 years in corporate America, working in the Banking, E-commerce, and Advertising industries before going back to school to become a therapist. I am certified in the Prepare and Enrich program for marital and premarital counseling. Many of the enrichment exercises are utilized to identify and heal long-standing resentments. I am a member of the American Counseling Association and the
Oregon Counseling Association since 2013.  

In reaching out there is hope for healing brokenness and improving the quality of life.  Call, text, or email me today and let’s talk through your challenges!
Supervisor: Faith Winters, LPC, ACS 

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