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Cheri is a licensed professional counselor in the Austin, Texas area specializing in trauma resolution and deep personal and spiritual growth.  She works initially to discover the source of where her clients have become stuck along their life path and then assists her clients in resolving the essential problem underlying their symptoms.  She brings into the therapeutic relationship a depth and wealth of academic, professional and real world experiences and education to her clients.

Starting out her professional career in Social work, she then raised her three children and persued a 30 year career as a corporate executive project manager in the information technology field before returning later in life to graduate school for her masters degree in counseling.  She is finally fulfilling her own personal and mythic destiny of becoming a counselor for individuals wanting to find their own identity answers and overcome what has stopped them.

Cheri's private practice, Passages to Potential,  is a counseling center that uses an integrated, holistic, healing and revelatory psychotherapeutic approach to counseling. Cheri provides a mature, people centered empathy based counseling model for adults needing self confidence and seeking self awareness and personal growth by fulfilling their innate potential.  It is a place wherein men and women who are feeling stuck can finally find the happiness, peace, self satisfaction, fulfillment and issue resolution they have been seeking for all their lives. She is specialized and certified by the International Imagery in Eidetic Imagery to address developmental issues which are typically at the root cause of many of our underlying problems, and is trained in EMDR to resolve trauma and disturbing life events.  

In her practice Cheri works primarily with individual adult men and women faced with a variety of issues including the following areas:
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Life Transitions - Divorce, Loss of job, Aging Parents, etc.
  • Spiritual Discovery
  • Lack of Self Esteem and Self Worth
  • Dissatisfaction with life's work
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Grief and Loss

She also leads women's groups using a empathy based model based on the Eidetic Imagery use of mythology to connect women with their feminine power and strength.

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