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Depression Counselor

Jennifer Bilbrey, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

8500 Shoal Creek Boulevard, Bldg #4, Ste #114, Austin, Texas

Depression hurts. Once it's set in, it can be difficult if not impossible to get out from underneath it without help. If you're feeling depressed, we will work in therapy together to help you feel re-connected to life. My goal is to help you feel not so alone with how overwhelmed and down you are. Then, we'll work on identifying and implementing your life goals and dreams.

Depression Counselor

Janet Anderson, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

1464 E. Whitestone Blvd (Hwy 1431) Suite 1301, Cedar Park, Texas

Sometimes we feel depression due to events in our life either past, present or both. Other times, we are genetically predisposed to biochemical depression. The data in the field suggests that therapy can be very effective in treating depressive symptoms. If it a circustance that impacts our depressive state, we work together in therapy to put a plan together to change the circumstance. If it is a biochemical issue, we explore many resources, including psychotropic medication in tandem with therapy for treatment.

Depression Counselor

Erikalin Ashton, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

3724 Jefferson Street, Suite 320, Austin, Texas

Depression is often the result of anxiety wearing a person out and down. Anxiety can really take its toll on individuals. If someone has Major Depression they suffer from extreme sadness, crying spells, and feelings of hopelessness. It can be extremely difficult for them to even do daily activities because everything feels so much harder to do. Major Depression is a very treatable illness. Dr. Ashton also provides telepsychology for residents of Texas and Missouri.

Depression Counselor

Tina Moody, M.Div., M.A.

Licensed Professional Counselor

2700 BeeCave Rd., Ste 114, Austin, Texas

I know of nothing worse than daily slogging toward a dark and fruitless future. Feeling like the weight of life is pressing down, gasping for breath least we drown. At it's base, depression is suffering for no good cause and with no end in sight. With both biochemical and emotional pieces in it's puzzle, going it alone is overwhelming. At Life Practice we shed light on how both aspects work independently and in concert with one another providing resources and discovery for a brighter tomorrow.

Depression Counselor

William Schroeder, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

4807 spicewood springs road, bldg 1, #1140, Austin, Texas

Depression can look like many things -- difficulty sleeping, loss of interest in things which were once pleasurable, loss of appetite, etc. We utilize several assessment tools to try and understand how things have changed for clients and what normal used to look like -- as well as what changed. This helps us in creating a treatment plan that is personally tailored to help you work through what is blocking your progress.

Depression Counselor

Shannon Rueter, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

950 Westbank Dr., Suite 104, Austin, Texas

Depression can seem hopeless to the affected person as well as their loved ones. I assist clients to improve coping skills, restructure problematic thought patterns, become more self-aware of their emotional experiences and improve their ability to express them in a healthy way. I also have experience working with people with self injurious behaviors and suicidal thoughts.

Depression Counselor

Aggie Beasley, MA, BCB, CART, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

311 Lake Travis Business Park RR 620 S, Suite 102, Austin, Texas

If you are are reading this and you are depressed; reading may feel like a monumental task. Getting through the day, waking up in the morning, attempting to get restful sleep at night, and trying to hold a conversation without crying or tearing up may mean that you are exhibting signs of depression. Depression can't be willed away as some claim and there are probably underlying reasons for your depression. Sometimes depression follows an event that is disturbing or highly impactful and other times depression may appear to come out of nowhere and stay for way too long. Depression can be addressed and helped.

Depression Counselor

Ann McIntosh, MA, LCSW

Licensed clinical social worker

4407 Bee Cave Rd. Bldg 5 Ste 513, Austin, Texas

Depression therapy begins by finding the current causation, history, and what the client has attempted to feel better. I then teach therapeutic tools to help keep the client in the moment so they can attend to their responsibilities and obligations while recovering from depression. We discuss getting educated on medications if after a reasonable length of time they don't feel they have made the progress they would like.

Depression Counselor

Ben Kandel, M.A., LPC

License Professional Counselor

1000 Westbank Dr Suite 6-250, Austin, Texas

Are you feeling depressed and stuck? Is it hard to even step out of the house and get the mail? Depression affects all parts of us: mind, body, and spirit. The very activities that can lift your mood (exercise and socializing) can be the most difficult to do. Don't beat yourself up for your lack of motivation - reach out and get help. I provide an empathetic and encouraging environment to really listen to your concerns, as well as help you with concrete strategies to lift you out of depression

Depression Counselor

Carolyn Mehlomakulu, M.A., LMFT-S, ATR

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Art Therapist

13706 Research Blvd, Ste 114, Austin, Texas

Depression can make you feel hopeless, like change may not even be possible. However, I believe that counseling can help you to find joy and fulfillment in your life again. Therapy can provide you with the support needed to overcome depression. As a therapist, I can help you to make positive changes in your life, develop healthy coping skills, challenge unhelpful thoughts, and build a strong support system.

Depression Counselor

Jessica Buss, Ph.D., BCB Biofeedback Certified

Psychologist (TX & CA); Health Psychology, E-Therapy

11701 Bee Caves Rd., Austin, Texas

Many people experience depression at some point in their lives. It is a personal experience that can range from emotional symptoms--sadness, loneliness, dissatisfaction with life, and feelings of worthlessness to physical symptoms--fatigue, sleep issues, eating and weight changes. My goal is to help you overcome the issues that are causing and maintaining your difficulties and help you make changes in your life to become a balanced, healthy, and satisfied person. I believe every human being is deserving and capable of self-confidence, inner peace, self-love, and healthy living, and am am committed to creating a safe, supportive place where you are treated with kindness and respect.

Depression Counselor

Darrell Ragland, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

15901 Central Commerce Dr., Suite 505, Pflugerville, Texas

Depression is a physical state that is tied to your emotions. I can assist you with information on how to manage depression, and also with therapy, how to move past it to a place where life feels much better. I give some free assessments when you come in to see me for depression to aid in your healing process. Depression left unchecked can go on for years... Take some time and get some care if you are suffering with depression. I can help.

Depression Counselor

Philip Kolba, MA


Available for Online Therapy

Research shows that the most effective treatment for depression is psychotherapy. Depression can range from feeling down to major symptoms such as having trouble even getting out of bed or contemplating suicide (if you have suicidal thoughts or plans, call the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255). Online counseling is effective for depression because it is easy to access: you can start treatment without even leaving the house.

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Austin is a city that is located in multiple counties- Hays County and Williamson County and Travis County in Texas. It has a land area of 312.73 square miles and a water area of 6.77 square miles.  The population of Austin is nearly 1 million people with 351,195 households and a median annual income of $57,689. .

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