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Young adults and teens who are highly creative and sensitive experience day-to-day life even more vividly and deeply. Because of this, they have a tendency to get easily overwhelmed and obsess over something said to them by a parent, employer or peer. There is great value in these young people learning how to manage their vulnerabilities--and harness their strengths.

With their unique ways of perceiving the world, “emotionally intense” responses to challenges at home, school, work or in relationships are common. This emotional intensity is often misunderstood, and these intelligent, caring, and expressive young people are frequently mislabeled or misdiagnosed.

I help sensitive young people to expand their ‘window of tolerance,’ so they are less easily triggered into states of acute stress, rage, tension, and panic. I do this through providing a safe, non-judgmental space for them to explore their obstacles, ask their questions and express their feelings. My style is collaborative, working with young clients to create an uplifting experience where they can gain greater insight into the way they feel, think and react, and design a life where they thrive.
With advanced training in adolescent psychology and mental development, and over 10-years experience as counselor for teens and young-adults, I have extensive experience working with families from diverse, multi-cultural backgrounds.  

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“Sandra Dupont is an empathic and extremely effective teen therapist. We have worked together many times and I have seen the improvements she has made in teens’ lives first hand. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.” – Jared Maloff, Psy.D.
“Sandra Dupont is an exceptional therapist. We have collaborated together helping parents become more effective in raising their children. Clients respond very favorably to her and adolescents especially are drawn to her. Clients rave about her and she has been a pleasure to work with professionally. Ms. Dupont is one of the best in town! I would send my own daughter to her.” – David Kuroda, LCSW
“Sandra has found a way to translate the wisdom that comes with age into a language that adolescents can relate to. She understands teenagers on a deeply emotional level and has a completely unique way of relating to them. ” – Danny Kopels, CADC II
 “Sandra’s commitment to guiding and mentoring teens through their difficult periods is done with grace and elegance. She has helped many teens navigate a world that, for them, is often difficult. Helping teens understand who they are as a valuable individual is where Sandra’s work shines.” – Greg Stebbins, Ed.D.

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