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Are you ready for some changes in your life?
Do you have a relationship that needs some work?
Would you like help setting a new direction?

I'm glad you are looking to grow and improve your life and your relationships. I may be able to help.

My Background

As a committed Christian, husband and father, I've been privileged to learn and apply valuable principles to improve my life and family relationships. In 33 years of marriage, God has taught me many things.

As a Christian Counselor and Life Coach for 20 years, I help others apply those same sound biblical and psychological principles to their everyday lives.

I direct Life Changers Counseling and Life Coaching, a ministry/non-profit of 10 Christian Counselors and Life Coaches in Greater Phoenix. Combined, we are able to help most spiritual, relational and psychological problems.

Prior to founding Life Changers Counseling, I was a pastor and missionary. My years of experience include helping couples learn to communicate and develop intimacy, helping families resolve their conflicts, and helping individuals to move ahead with their lives. In addition, I regularly work with clergy, professionals and non-profit organizations.

I am the author of Keep the Change! - a book about experiencing lasting life change. I also authored Radical Relationships - a book to help couples grow and experience intimacy in their marriages.

My Counseling Approach
My passion is to help people succeed in life. I believe that happens when we learn to apply God's principles to our Spiritual Life, Marriage Life, Family Life and Personal Life. Practically, I use a variety of counseling approaches, depending on what the client's needs are.

My Coaching Approach
  • Motivational: you will work harder when you can envision the benefit of your work.
  • Practical: I'll help you with the how-to's, including organization, time/financial management, and in finding other resources.
  • Personal: once I understand your goals, I will design a coaching plan uniquely tailored to your needs.

What You Can Expect from Me

Each time I meet with someone, I seek to compassionately listen to their concerns, offer guidance from God's Word and from my years of experience, and then help the client learn how to apply what he/she is learning. We pray together, talk together and decide how to make things better today.

My Specialties
  • Marriage / Pre-Marriage
  • Relationships
  • Family Issues
  • Depression / Anger / Anxiety
  • Addictions: Sex, Shopping, Gambling, Food, Substances
  • Spiritual Issues
  • Career / MidLife / Retirement Issues
My Availability
I offer Counseling and Life Coaching in my Scottsdale office (Monday through Friday, days and evenings), by Skype or telephone or through Intensives (3-5 days).

A Word of Encouragement

Every week I meet people who are stressed, frustrated and discouraged. Perhaps you feel this way also. I want to encourage you and give you hope that things can change. With some hard work and with God's direction and blessings, it is very possible that you will discover the abundant life that He has for you. Let me know if I may be of help you to.

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