Leanne Reed, MA, CADCI

Professional Counselor

Location: 7972 SE 13th Ave., Ste 103, Portland 97202

My style of working with anxiety is to explore both the physical sensations and negative thoughts frequently associated with anxiety. For some, anxiety feels like a very physical thing, while for others it is strongly associated with fearful thoughts or worry. The treatment will depend on which is more predominant but will address both. I work on bringing a mild form of the anxiety into the counseling session and working with clients to build skills and new ways of thinking about it in the moment. Much of this work involves a focus on relaxation techniques, and learning how to live in the present through a focus on mindfulness techniques.

Hopetree Counseling Center, MAC, LPC, LMHC, LMFT

Hopetree Counseling Center

Location Near Therapist: Portland, OR

We specialize in Anxiety and Stress!! Stress releases a cascade of powerful hormones that are harmful to your body. We can teach you tools to manage your stress and anxiety and to bring peace into your life. We specialize in working with the mind/body experience that produces anxiety and can help you overcome it to be happy and healthy. Hopetree Counseling Center has several therapists on staff who work day in and day out with anxiety. We also have an anxiety group which is both a learning experience from an expert in anxiety management as well as learning from others in the group.

Tabatha Bird Weaver, LPC, LMFT

Licensed Marriage& Family Therapist & Professional Counselor

Location: 700 Deborah Road, Suite 220, Newberg

Anxiety and stress can really make life miserable! Learning how to reduce stress or get rid of anxiety can provide relief and improve the quality of your life. I help clients learn how to identify anxiety before it gets overwhelming and learn skills to manage or reduce it once it occurs. Get rid of panic and overloaded nerves by learning to relax your entire body and mind.

Jeffrey Post-Holmberg, MA

Individual, Couples, Family Therapist

Location: 2080 NW Everett, St. Suite 202, Portland 97209

Clients who I am privileged to work with, will often express a desire to talk about the stresses they are experiencing in their life. These stresses often are accompanied by anxiety. Today's world is, no doubt, a difficult place to navigate. Stress reduction, for many people, is an imbalance between what they are willing to accept and what they believe can or needs to be changed. I help them identify what part of their worries are about the past and which are about the future. We work together to establish a mindfulness approach to stress reduction which emphasizes the skill sets of consciously being in the present moment, through breathing and awareness of thought/body connection.

Katje Wagner, PhD, LPC

Holistic Psychotherapist, Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 1942 NW Kearney St, Suite 23, Portland 97209

Stress is a buzz word in our culture, but its effects are profound and can take a serious toll on our health, relationships, and overall sense of well-being. Often we try to manage stress and anxiety by trying to keep up with life’s demands – faster, better, more efficient – or by practicing various “relaxation” techniques in an attempt to calm our nerves and create more balance in our lives. But what happens when these attempts don’t work?! In our time together, I will help you discover the real sources of your stress and anxiety, uncover the roots of chronic feelings and habits, and create sustainable holistic change so that you can experience relief and well-being throughout your life.

Dr. Kevin Fleming, Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Location: , Portland 97218

While most treatment approaches for anxiety and stress are effective on the surface, they don’t treat the real problem. Mantras, deep breathing, and rational dialogues about your fear being irrational rarely work---for most people don’t believe it or you! Imagine if you can trick the brain into changing without you telling your conscious mind that you are changing it? Problem with anxiety and stress is that the brain in this state knows you want to change it and it resists. Contact Kevin@kevinfleminphd.com for the ultimate stress and anxiety solution that will literally change your brain's autonomic nervous system patterns while you sit on your butt. 877-606-6161.

Sarah Gregory, MA, LMHCA

MA Professional Counselor

Location: 12 SE 14th Ave, Suite 203, Portland 97227

Our culture fosters stress and, unfortunately, the number of anxiety-ridden clients I see is ever-growing. One of the biggest and foremost components I incorporate into treatment is the need for healthy living habits and self care. When properly tended to, this simple but powerful need can have a massive positive effect on many clients. Depending on the source of anxiety, there are many approaches that I might utilize to address this issue. It is always important to note the need for flexibility and openness as your therapist, so that I can customize my approach to best fit your needs.

Barry McVay, M.A. - LPC - State of Oregon

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location of Therapist: Portland, OR 97239

Anxiety and stress springs from a variety of sources including biological, social, emotional or mental influences unique to you. Taking the time to identify the source and nature of your struggles is principal to relief that is effective and lasting. We will work together to understand your symptoms, pinpoint the nature of your anxiety and stress, and establish a thorough treatment that will help you control and change the internal feelings and behaviors associated with your suffering.

Mary Krug, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 2100 NE Broadway, Suite 101, Portland 97232

Do you find yourself fearful when tackling a new task? Are you burnt-out because the stress and pressure on you just seems too much? Do you find yourself saying "yes" when you want to say "no"? I will work with you to examine the roots of these stressful patterns and to find previously discounted or undiscovered strengths you possess. I will help you form stronger and more resilient boundaries so that you will experience a sense of choice and autonomy in dealing with others. I will help you transform anxiety to excitement using powerful tools such as EMDR and the Emotional Freedom Technique, so that you can lead a more harmonious, contented life.

Sheryl Eldene, MA. MBA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 4850 S.W. Scholls Ferry Rd, #306, Portland 97225

The effect of a high stress event, changes the way the brain reacts to everyday events, creating continuous anxiety and easily triggered fight/flight/or freeze responses. While medication is sometimes important to begin the down-regulating process, learning skills to self calm are essential to healing. We work with breathing, relaxation, guided imagery, prayer (if that is your practice) to create a integrated, heart-centered life.

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Anxiety Portland.

Anxiety disorders can affect anyone at any age. If you are suffering from panic attacks in Oregon or intense anxiety in Portland, whether due to trauma, PTSD, stress, excessive worry, or struggling with an anxiety disorder, a licensed Portland anxiety therapist or Portland counselor who specializes in stress and panic will help. We hope you will contact a Theravive panic attack therapist Portland for anxiety counseling in Portland, OR, and discover a life that is worry free and equipped with tools to manage extreme stress.

Welcome to our network of anxiety treatment therapists and stress counselors in Portland, OR who specialize in anxiety disorders and conditions. If you or a loved one is suffering from extreme anxiety, stress, or panic attacks, anxiety counseling Portland through Theravive is your source for treatment and healing. A Oregon counselor or psychologist in Portland who specializes in stress, panic, and anxiety disorders is ready and capable to help you or your loved one find hope and resolution.