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Jon Fox, MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Phone & Email:  Connect With Jon

4531 SE Belmont St., Suite 318, Portland, OR 97215

Whether you’re just looking to improve your relationship, or are experiencing more serious problems, I can help. I help couples create more safe, stable, and intimate relationships where each partner learns to trust and rely on each other in new and deeper ways.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Career Exploration
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self-Esteem Building
  • Grief and Loss Support
  • Spiritual/Religious Exploration

Sarah Gregory, MA, LMHCA

MA Professional Counselor
Phone & Email:  Connect With Sarah

12 SE 14th Ave, Suite 203, Portland, OR 97227

I am passionate about creating healthy communication within any relationship. I have come to find that we all just want to be heard, to be known, and to be accepted. My goal when interacting with couples is to create a space for these things to occur.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Marriage counseling
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Eating Disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Life Transitions
  • Spiritual issues
  • Communication Skills

Barry McVay, M.A. - LPC - State of Oregon

Licensed Professional Counselor
Phone & Email:  Connect With Barry

Willamette Counseling Services - 0112 S.W. Hamilton Street, Portland, OR 97239

The nature of relationships and attachment to another is one of our most precious gifts; offering safety, love, comfort, support, pleasure, and security. The goals of my work with couples is to affirm, support and grow the connection that develops life long intimacy.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Sex & Pornography Addiction
  • Trust And Intimacy Issues
  • Anger, Anxiety & Depression
  • Unhealthy Relational Patterns
  • Childhood Issues
  • Intensive Couples Therapy
  • Co-dependency
  • Infidelity
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Katje Wagner, PhD, LPC

Holistic Psychotherapist, Licensed Professional Counselor
Phone & Email:  Connect With Katje

1942 NW Kearney St, Suite 23, Portland, OR 97209

Every couple faces relationship challenges - whether exhausted by the struggle to understand each other, frustrated by your sex life, or seriously wondering if your relationship can survive. Together you will discover how to mine the gold that is truly possible.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Physical health symptoms
  • Career & life direction
  • Trauma
  • Body image
  • Emotional eating
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Relationships & Sexuality
  • Creative Expression
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Angela (Angie) Fogg, MA, CMHC, NCC

LPC Intern
Phone & Email:  Connect With Angela (Angie)

12511 SW 68th Ave., Portland, OR 97223

Couples, Families and Relationships

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Adolescent
  • Children
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Grief
  • Eating Disorders
  • Relationship Issues

Joseph Schutte, LMFT, QMHP

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Phone & Email:  Connect With Joseph

Within Driving Distance of Portland, OR

I provide a safe place for couples to work through struggles within their relationship. I assist couples learn new skills for communication, as well as skills to redefine their intimate connection.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Couples Counseling
  • Adolescent Issues
  • Parent-Child Relationship
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Spirituality & Religion
  • Divorce
  • Men's Issues
  • Emotional Affairs
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Danette Buchanan, M.S. LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Phone & Email:  Connect With Danette

Within Driving Distance of Portland, OR

Couples, Families and Relationships

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Depression/Mood Disorders
  • Adolescent issues
  • Family and couple therapy
  • Grief and loss
  • Spiritual issues

Jeffrey Post-Holmberg, MA

Individual, Couples, Family Therapist
Phone & Email:  Connect With Jeffrey

2080 NW Everett, St. Suite 202, Portland, OR 97209

I listen deeply and carefully to individuals, couples, and family as they tell their stories. I work with the connections between people, how change or lack of change causes something to happen somewhere else in the system. I look for secure and insecure attachments.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Couples Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Couples In Grief And Loss
  • Men Making Difficult Decisions
  • EMDR
  • Emotionally-Focused Therapy
  • Walk And Talk Therapy

Deborah Orandon, MS, LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Phone & Email:  Connect With Deborah

7409 SW Capitol Hwy #207, Portland, OR 97219

I work with couples in which 1 or both members are Highly Sensitive and/or Gifted or Creative. My work honors the complexity and unique challenges these couples can have in communication and "togetherness", and helps each couple tailor their own best partnership design.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Anxiety, Panic, Ptsd
  • High Sensitivity Issues
  • Depression, Mood
  • Creatives, Artists, Athletes
  • Re-Claiming Self/Life Transition
  • Teens, Adults, Groups
  • Body-Centered Psychotherapy
  • Tailored Solution-Focus Tools
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Caroline Resari, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Phone & Email:  Connect With Caroline

2143 NE Boadway Ave, Portland, OR 97232

Couples, Families and Relationships. I provide concrete tools that you can take and start practicing right away.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Anxiety
  • Couples
  • Depression
  • Mindfulness
  • Self Esteem and Identity Issue
  • Somatic
  • Body Centered
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Marriage Counseling Portland Oregon

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Portland, Oregon was incorporated in 1851 with a population of 800. Today, over a 600,000 people live in the city proper and the metro area has a population of over 2 million people.1 Portland is Oregon's most populated city and the 23rd most populous city in the United States. With many suburbs, the city has older homes over 150 years old as well as many homes that are being built brand new. One of the more unique styles of homes is down in Scappoose where you can live in a houseboat on the Columbia River. The Columbia River is very important to the economy of Portland, particularly over the last two centuries when the shipping of crops and logs down Columbia was the best method of transporting goods to be exported.

Marriage and Couples Mental Health in Portland

Each year, over 10,000 marriages in Oregon come to an end, the vast majority of which are in the Portland metropolitan area.2 Marriages that end typically do so after a short period of time. However, sometimes even relationships that have lasted for decades end in divorce. Couples can grow apart for various reasons, although often it is the result of infidelity, finances, or drug or alcohol abuse. Separations can be devastating to couples, as well as to families with children.

The City of Portland operates the Gateway Center, a family support and prevention services agency. The Gateway Center offers counseling for children, adolescents, and adults. Victim's support services, legal aid, and many other essential counseling programs are offered to help families feel as safe as possible. Services are provided in a respectful, caring, and culturally sensitive way. Further information about the Gateway Center and it's program offerings is available by calling 503-988-6400.3

Family Services and Assistance Programs

The Multnomah County Family Services Unit provides numerous programs to help families promote positive change and strengthen their relationships. Case management plans are devised and implemented to coordinate family services between various agencies. Addictions services are provided to families who struggle with drug or alcohol use. Parenting skills classes are offered for parents who seek to become better equipped to raise their children. Case managers also help families develop social skills to improve functioning within the family and the community. For additional information about these programs, call please 503-988-4778.4


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