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May 15, 2015
by Dr. Johanna Tiemann,Phd


Henry Rayhons Aquitted of Sexual Assult Against His Wife With Alzheimer’s

May 15, 2015 07:44 by Dr. Johanna Tiemann,Phd

The words “rape” and “sexual assault” are powerful under any circumstances. When the alleged victim is a patient in a nursing home suffering through the late stages Alzheimer’s disease, the apparent crime takes on a certain kind of perverse nature. Add to this picture a perpetrator who is a former state senator, and even the most open-minded of us is ready to abandon the tenet “innocent until proven guilty.” [More]

May 12, 2015
by Agnes Oh, PsyD, LMFT


Novel Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism Unveiled

May 12, 2015 08:43 by Agnes Oh, PsyD, LMFT

Using three dimensional images and statistical analysis, the team has identified a way to discern specific patterns of facial features and structures which may be common to children with ASD. Once children’s faces have been scanned, the measurements of features along the actual curvature of the faces are compared to the various symptoms displayed. The results of this study have indicated correlations within subgroups based on facial traits and the severity and types of ASD. [More]

May 11, 2015
by Cynthia Morales


New Orleans Bans Smoking Citywide, Lights Up Mindfulness As Effective Public Health Intervention

May 11, 2015 08:16 by Cynthia Morales

A smoking ban passed in New Orleans went viral across the city after midnight on Wednesday, April 22, putting out a once legal habit in a number of public facilities including bars, restaurants and entertainment venues (“Smoking ban goes into effect in New Orleans”, 2015). It’s a strikingly health conscious move that follows in the footsteps of many other cities, including New York, Chicago and Houston (“Comprehensive Smoke-Free Laws — 50 Largest U.S. Cities, 2000 and 2012”) [More]

April 30, 2015
by Joan Childs,LCSW

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Bruce Jenner and the Impact of Toxic Shame

April 30, 2015 05:30 by Joan Childs,LCSW

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What is happening to Bruce Jenner is a microcosm of what happens to human beings when they have an identity crisis. What is an identity crisis? Theorist and social psychologist, Erik Erikson coined the term identity crisis and believed that it was one of the most important conflicts people face in development. [More]

April 24, 2015
by Trey and Rebecca Harrison, MA, LPC

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Charlize Theron Talks Perspective on Women and Aging: Psychological Impact of Aging, Beauty and Body Image

April 24, 2015 05:55 by Trey and Rebecca Harrison, MA, LPC

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Charlize Theron, on the latest cover of W Magazine, made some strong statements about women and aging. During the interview, Theron discussed that she used to be judgmental towards aging women while she was in her younger years. She discusses that, as she began aging, her own views on the process began to change and evolve. [More]