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E.J. Kerwin, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
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1661 N. Swan Rd., Suite 310, Tucson, AZ 85712

E.J. Kerwin and Tarah Kerwin, a married couple themselves, co-facilitate couple's sessions. The unique experience of having two practitioners with specific skill sets creates an atmosphere where clients feel their relationship needs are being met.

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  • Marriage Therapy
  • Family
  • Relationship
  • Intimacy
  • Communication

Sierra Tucson

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39580 S Lago del Oro Pkwy, Tucson, AZ 85739

Couples, Families and Relationships

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Within Driving Distance of Tucson, AZ

Couples, Families and Relationships

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Tuscon is located in the western state of Arizona and is home of several attractions great for the entire family. Regardless of age, your children, teenagers, and adult family members will find something entertaining and fun. San Xavier del Bac Mission is a highly unique site within the city with a still active parish. Nearby you will also find a nice little café and boutiques. Pima Air and Space Museum features multiple exhibits with well over 200 aircrafts. Your children and teenagers will not only be entertained, but also leave with more knowledge of the subject matter.1 Santa Catalina Mountains has several areas for family camping trips, as well as hiking. Trail Dust Town is idea for any family outing- home of a train, mining area, carousel, and much more, the children will love this attraction while you enjoy the shops and cafés. Tuscon Botanical Gardens is ideal for couple dates and families with a green thumb.  Reid Park Zoo is one of the most visited attractions within the area, but proves to be relatively small in size.  Tuscon Magnet High, Cragin Elementary, and St. Ambrose are three of the schools nearby.

Marriage and Couples Mental Health in Tucson

The Tucson area is one of great diversity, with large Hispanic and Native American populations. With a median age of 35.9 years, Tucson residents tend to be well established with careers, families, and children.2 Yet, some families struggle financially, which can cause stress in the marital relationship, as well as create difficulties for children who do not have the finances to pursue academic or job training skills they need to break the cycle of poverty. The Fred G. Acosta Job Corps Center provides low-income youth with classes to finish their high school education, develop marketable job skills, and learn about technology. Additionally, the center teaches students about cultural diversity and good living practices to improve mental and emotional health. For additional details, call 520-879-9226.3

Our Family Services provides Tucson residents with a wide variety of programs that facilitate family growth and strong communities. Various services for homeless individuals and families are offered, including emergency shelter, job training, and life skills training. Community outreach programs seek to educate citizens about important mental health issues, including discrimination, bullying, stigma about mental illness. Contact Our Family Services at 520-323-1708.4

Family Services and Assistance Programs

There are a wide variety of options for families in need of assistance and support services in the Tucson area. HOPE Inc. is a non-profit provider of recovery, wellness, and reintegration services. HOPE partners with the Pima County Court System to ensure that individuals discharged from Veterans Court and Mental Health Court have the resources necessary to reintegrate back into society. Peer-to-peer support services are available, as well as educational programs for families. For more information about HOPE, call 520-770-1197.5


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