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Georginia Weygand, Ed.S., NCSP, RP, BCCS, CAS

Georginia Weygand, Ed.S., NCSP, RP, BCCS, CAS

School Psychologist, Registered Psychotherapist, Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, Certified Autism Specialist

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901 | (303) 357-0386

Psychotherapy/counseling is provided to children ages 4 through 16 who might exhibit anxiety, depression, self-harm, low self-esteem, and those who might benefit from developing a growth mindset or social skills. Play-based, cognitive behavioral, and dialectical behavioral strategies are incorporated in all sessions. Sessions are typically individual although occasional family or group sessions may be available based on needs and availability.

Wes Wilson, MA, LMFT, LAC

Wes Wilson, MA, LMFT, LAC

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Supervisor

4585 Hilton Parkway, Suite 202, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907 | 719-331-3338

Wes WIlson supervises therapists to learn effective psychotherapy. He also has a private practice in two offices. You can get treated by one of the best. So, what kind of therapy is most effective? You can experience trust and understanding from an expert therapist who is not only highly trained but also very personal and respectful, he listens and understands you. Your issues are explored for helping you to develop better awareness of all the factors and other people involved. You are enabled to try ideas and given a positive treatment plan--just for your situation. A personalized approach is developed by you and the therapist. You will see hope, feel better, and cope effectively.

Trudy Colflesh, MA, LPC

Trudy Colflesh, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

4865 Old Farm Circle West, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917 | 719-380-9032

Psychotherapy is about healing our soul from the wounds we have never processed or even remembered. Unhealed emotional wounds from our past can unknowingly cause many problems in our present. We can be "triggered" by a situation and totally overreact causing hurt and anger to others. As a Christian Counselor, I will encourage and help you seek God's help to get to the root of any wounds causing dysfunctional self image, relationships, or behaviors with which you may be struggling. With the Lord, it is never to late to be healed. Our life is so much more stable, peaceful and enjoyable when we are walking in wholeness. Psychotherapy is worth the time and money invested.

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A counselor Colorado Springs CO will hear you and help you to find your voice and place in the world.  Many times, the answers to the problems you struggle with are inside you and all that you need to begin to uncover them is a professional listener.  The dexterous listening that goes beyond superficial clichés can inspire a deep and lasting change that will ease your way from what is holding you back. Counseling is a deep and meaningful dialogue with a friendly professional that cares for you and will attentively listen and really hear what you have to say, guiding you to the answers derived from your own values and abilities, and from new skills you can learn.  A specialized therapist and counselor Colorado Springs, CO is the professional listener you need to free your potentials and truly live your life to the fullest potential.

You can learn amazing things about yourself and how you relate to others with counseling Colorado Springs COMany situations in life can cause strain on our life. For example, you may feel depressed because you long to do more to improve your family’s economic situation, but wonder how you can sacrifice your time with your children.   Therapy and counselling can help you discover new options and gain deeper insight into your situation, empowering you towards lasting and positive change. The discovery of your potential does not have to be a recondite learning; often, apparently unimportant details in your personality, can be used for practical changes to improve your life, exploring new ways to use these talents.  Psychotherapy can help you to view yourself in a better perspective finding practical ways to make significant changes in your life.  Therapy and values based counseling Colorado Springs CO can encourage and inspire you. Streamlined therapeutic techniques work for your benefit with the ultimate goal that you will soon no longer have a reliance on counselling, but will be free from your issues completely.

When a relationship is headed for divorce or separation, marriage counseling Colorado Springs, CO is the specialized source to finding meaningful advice for troubled couples. Through counselling, you and your spouse can build a new style of  communication in a neutral environment providing you each an opportunity to express feelings and resolve differences with the serenity and calm that will allow a productive discussion free of double meanings and confused emotions. To facilitate real dialogue, it is often necessary for the adroit mediation of an experienced advisor to work through the issues that both spouses feel are present.  From this, the couple can begin to rebuild the deep communication on which closeness is based. The certified psychologist you can find through Theravive, knows exactly how to help. Your marriage can have bright mornings again with marriage counseling Colorado Springs CO. Through counseling, you may confidently rely on professional direction to guide you and your spouse to recover communication and understanding, and look forward to a common future full of hope. 


These competitive events make for excellent family outings, especially for the kids. If you and your spouse enjoy these kinds of activities, there are clearly quite a number of choices for a date.  If your relationship is struggling, consider marriage counseling Colorado Springs, CO as a way to invigorate your marriage and resolve the issues that have separated you.  Couples therapy begins with communication and a mutual understanding of each other as your family counselor begins to peel away the layers of hurt and internal defenses.


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Help for marriages, separation, divorce, individuals, families and relationships in Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding areas.

Other Areas of Practice: self-esteem counselor, addiction therapist, burnout counselor, career change Colorado Springs, psychological assessment, chronic pain management, depression counseling, CO, grief & loss, abuse, debt counselling Colorado Springs, aging parents, spiritual & Christian counselor Colorado Springs, CO, bipolar, ADHD. Also including personality disorders, adolescents and youth counselor Colorado, trauma therapy, eating disorders, Colorado counselor, stress & anxiety.

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Therapy Colorado Springs, CO

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The end of the gold rush saw the start of a place for recuperation for those who had tuberculosis.  This was because the climate is dry.  The waters in Colorado Springs are healthy but also contain natural fluoride resulting in some people’s teeth developing Colorado Stain. A doctor discovered that a little fluoride in the water would prevent cavities.  The city also established a military base in 1942, shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Camp Carson was established to train and house troops for WWII.  The use of the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport during this time transformed into a training base for heavy bombers and was renamed to Peterson Field.  The airport and base currently still share parts of the flight line. It wasn’t until the start of the Korean War that Peterson Field was made into an active base, being renamed to Peterson Air Force Base.  Together with the Army post, the Air Force base and the Air Force Academy gave rise to the population in Colorado Springs.  A Counselor Colorado Springs, CO addresses all types of needs including helping those who have faced traumatic events and are stuck in the emotional turmoil of integrating these situations into their life. 

Even though the city sits on a high elevation, the sun shines for approximately 300 days a year and only receives a small amount of precipitation during the year.  The temperatures are cooler due to the elevation with the winters fairly mild, but because of the elevation, the sun shines warmer, with only occasional episodes of sub-zero cold snaps.  The demographics in Colorado Springs consist of mostly Caucasian, but have a vast array of other ethnicities and religions.  A Christian counselor Colorado Springs, CO resolves the deep spiritual issues and emotional trauma that has left you disappointed in life.   The tourists come to Colorado Springs mostly to see the natural beauty around the city, such as Pikes Peak.  There are also numerous trails in the Rocky Mountains.  The rock formations and other geological features have gained popularity with visitors as well.  Getting to Colorado Springs is fairly easy, such as by the Metro, which is an extensive bus system between the city and Denver, and other suburbs.  I-25 is the major highway between Denver and Colorado Springs.


The other Olympic sports that have headquarters in Colorado Springs include fencing, figure skating, basketball, boxing, cycling, swimming, hockey, boxing, shooting, triathlon, and wrestling.  The figure skating association is probably the most well-known of the associations headquartered in Colorado Springs, complete with a World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame.  The city has also hosted the World Figure Skating Championships five times and the U.S. Figure Skating Championships six times, along with other skating events.  In 1962, the city hosted the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships, the first time it was held on American soil.


The reason the city was established was because Palmer disliked the saloon atmosphere of Old Colorado City, and wanted the city to be alcohol free, so he purchased a bulk of land.  The city stayed alcohol free till end of the Prohibition in 1933.  Those who made money from the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush built big houses here rather than the Old City.

Colorado Springs is located in El Paso County, Colorado. It has a land area of 195.62 square miles and a water area of 0.36 square miles.  The population of Colorado Springs is 456,568 people with 174,441 households and a median annual income of $54,527. .

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Affordable with Planning

Therapy in Colorado Springs is generally within financial reach for the average family, but some budget planning may be needed for a real commitment to weekly counseling. Remember that your mental health and happiness are important. Check with your Colorado Springs therapist about insurance coverage or ask about sliding scale fees if there are any difficulties with accessibility. Low cost counseling and affordable therapy are also sometimes offered by listed city and university level clinics, check with your local Colorado Springs public health department.