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Christian Counselor

Claudia Fraga, LCSW

Counselor/Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapist

Within driving distance of Three Lakes

Christian counseling promotes spiritual and psychological healing essential to a healthier sense of well being. In counseling, mental health concerns involving depression, anxiety, and anger are addressed. Incorporating your faith allows us to draw from the psychological components of HOPE, FORGIVENESS and HEALING! Much modern research has documented people have improved psychological and physical health when they incorporate spirituality/faith in their daily life. I welcome the opportunity to support you in this journey!

Christian Counselor

Ernesto Felipe, LMHC, M.S., MS.Ed., NBCC, CRRTP

Board Certified Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach

Within driving distance of Three Lakes

Often times, Christians struggle with finding meaning in their existence and with trying to live purposeful lives, influenced, yet unaware, of past or present yokes that are weighing them down and holding them back. Generational patterns of depression, anxiety, hypochondriasis, alcoholism, and other addictions, as well as traumatic experiences of abuse, neglect, and abandonment may have become deeply ingrained into the minds of many. These patterns rooted on past or present hurts, if left unattended, can prevent us from experiencing the fullness and bountifulness of God’s blessings for us and the joy that it is to be the new creation that the word of God proclaims we are when the holy spirit dw....

Christian Counselor

Mario Garcia, Jr., Ph.D., J.D., LLM., PCC

Strategic Interventionist & Results Coach / Mental Health Counselor

Within driving distance of Three Lakes

The ultimate goal of counseling is to help others move to personal wholeness, interpersonal competence, mental stability and spiritual maturity. Faith based counseling is grounded on Scripture, as which increases faith, provides strength, direction and healing using the wisdom and guidance that cannot be found in any man made technique or intervention.

Christian Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Within driving distance of Three Lakes

While most Christian Counselors pride themselves on how many Scriptural passages they can recite and how many links they can make from the Bible to psychological disorders, the Christian-centric work of Grey Matters International, grounded in one principle: truth. For us, the work is more about truth and transparency of Christ's message and working on the natural laws of accountability and decision making that evolves from that. If one honors God's natural laws of reaping and sowing around the decisions one makes, one is indeed living Scripture to its fullest. We prepare the brain to better maximize the spiritual realities of Christ's words. Contact

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Thank you for visiting our Florida search of licensed Christian therapists in Three Lakes who are committed to using Biblical based principles in their sessions with you. A licensed therapist has a minimum of a masters degree in counseling, and having the right therapist who respects and embraces your Christian beliefs is a great step forward in finding the proper help.  Counseling that is grounded in the Bible seeks to respect your spiritual walk and and uphold the values you cherish. Speak with a Christian therapist in Three Lakes, Florida today, contact forms are "open" 24/7.

Three Lakes is located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It has a land area of 3.20 square miles and a water area of 0.65 square miles.  The population of Three Lakes is 16,263 people with 4,999 households and a median annual income of $67,509. .

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Therapists in Three Lakes are often within budget with some potential challenges for longer term commitments. Your mental health and well being are a top priority. If accessibility is a concern, ask your counselor about sliding scale fees or inquire about accepted insurance plans