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Life can be difficult...but you are one step closer to new solutions that will empower you to make effective changes! As a Sr. Counselor & Life Coach, I will help you uncover your true potential & lead a life that is worth celebrating in a safe, confidential atmosphere

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Certified Coaching Professional
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Profes
  • Substance Abuse Professional
  • Certified Prepare & Enrich Prof.
  • Depression & Anxiety & PTSD
  • Divorce/Affair Recovery
  • Blended Family Challenges
  • Military Trauma & Transitions
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Olathe has around 118,000 residents, and is located in the metropolitan area of Kansas City, Kansas. Olathe is the home of the Kansas State School for the Deaf, which was established back in 1866, and the MidAmerica Nazarene University. The temperatures average around 20 below in the winter and an average of around 90 degrees in the summer, with an annual precipitation amount of 40 inches. The city served as a stop along the Oregon Trail, California Trail, and Santa Fe Trail, so there is some rich history, great for the whole family to learn. The Mahaffie House was a treasured stopping place for those traveling west, and has since been indicted into the Historical Society. The staff wears outfits that were worn during that era, and there are stagecoach rides and farm animals, which are a great hit with the kids.1 Visitors can also be involved in a Civil War re-enactment during the Wild West Days.

Mental Health in Olathe

The Salvation Army's addiction services assist individuals who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse to begin and sustain their recovery. The agency's Harbor Light Village Addiction Recovery Services provides detoxification, as well as a reintegration program for individuals who are preparing to return to society after rehabilitation. Transitional housing is also offered for armed forces veterans who have developed an addiction. Group therapy is available as well, so residents have peer support as they get clean. Contact the Salvation Army at 913-232-5400 to learn more.2

To prevent harassment behaviors from disrupting the education of local children, the Olathe Public Schools has instituted a comprehensive anti-bullying plan. Their preventative approach includes student and staff trainings, intervention strategies, and family education. As part of the policy, students, parents, and educators are encouraged to intervene when a bullying situation arises. Adults are trained to respond appropriately to negative behaviors and to make themselves a trusted entity to whom children can make reports regarding bullying.3

Support services for individuals with a disability are available through the Lakemary Center. This non-profit organization empowers the disabled to make their own choices, be active participants in their treatment, and prepare themselves for a lifetime full of opportunities. Assessment services help identify each individual's needs. Support planning ensures that services are coordinated and delivered to each individual in a timely manner. Transition programs for children are also available, so they have the tools they need to be successful as they become an adult. For additional details, call 913-768-6831.4

Current Initiatives

Kids TLC Street Outreach Services seeks to end teen homelessness in the Olathe area. The organization provides homeless teens with services and resources they need to stay safe and get the financial assistance, medical treatment, and mental health care they need to get back on their feet. In addition to having a 24-hour support hotline, Kids TLC sends volunteers to local streets, parks, libraries, and other teen hangouts to offer kids shelter, food, clothing, and other basic necessities. Assistance for finding employment and permanent housing is also available. Basic wellness services, including drug and alcohol interventions, are offered as well. To find out how to help Kids TLC fulfill their mission to eradicate teen homelessness, call 913-764-2887.5


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