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Anger Therapist

Thomas Cliff, JD, LMSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Within driving distance of Richmond

Most of us feel anger sometimes. How we experience and express anger determines whether it will present problems. Seeing the phrase "anger management," we think of controlling impulses and avoiding outbursts. Such control is fundamentally important when angry impulses cause us problems. Clients and I practice ways to put some space between feeling and reaction for this purpose. But there is more to managing anger. Sometimes people do not express it, but try to hold it in. Some claim to feel anger rarely, if ever. Anger is a legitimate emotion, and expressing it is important to health. We work together to find ways to express it constructively, not destructively.

Anger Therapist

Thomas Bruno, LLP

Specialist in Clinical Pyschology

Within driving distance of Richmond

I have worked in the field of Anger Management for at least for 15 years working with couples, individuals, and families. I have worked a lot with the court systems and individuals who are gotten into with the legal system. We dig into what individuals have learned from their families of origin and how we can use new tools to have a better way of dealing with life.

Anger Therapist

Michael Govan, MA, LLP, LPC, LSGC, EMDR II

Licensed Professional Counselor

Within driving distance of Richmond

What I do often when helping clients with anger management issues is to go back and see what emotional wounds are left unhealed. Sometimes, their are large gaps in the emotional needs that have never properly been met. This is usually where I find the "Real" problem that has turned out to look like an anger problem. Recently over a three week period I helped an adolescent girl resolve a past issue that left her looking oppositional and defiant. Now she is making peace with her mom!!! You can heal too!!!

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Richmond is a city that is located in multiple counties- St. Clair County and Macomb County in Michigan. It has a land area of 2.85 square miles and a water area of 0.03 square miles.  The population of Richmond is 5,864 people with 2,264 households and a median annual income of $45,096. .

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While counseling can certainly be an expense for individuals and families in Richmond, with proper budgeting, it is entirely do-able and the risk/reward is worth it. For some families, it may be difficult to sustain a commitment to therapy without proper insurance coverage. If this is you, ask your therapist about low cost options as practitoners in and around Richmond may have flexibility or sliding scales