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Experienced counselors in Augusta, MI for anorexia, bulimia, food aversion, orthorexia nervosa and other food issues.

Eating Disorder Counselor

Katie Gordon, LMSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Within driving distance of Augusta

When life feels like it's spinning out of control, one of the first things we turn to is controlling how and what we eat. Work with a Transformational Choices therapist to find balance in life. We offer holistic, life enhancing, change plans that are designed specifically for each client. We focus on using teamwork as a tool to build and enhance skills sets necessary to overcome the obstacles that are preventing goal achievement. We strive to help our clients receive holistic health services, achieve personal growth, and uncover their individual happiness.

Eating Disorder Counselor

Chad Allee, LMSW, LPC


Within driving distance of Augusta

am here to help you for as long as you need. Life gets difficult sometimes and support from friends, family, and self-help doesn't always work--that is when therapy can help. I work with my clients to identify the core of their pain, its underlying causes, and the beliefs, thought patterns, and external influences that perpetuate it. The overarching goal is to break these patterns and learn skills to increase self-efficacy, self-compassion, and acceptance. ‚Äč

Eating Disorder Counselor

Jennifer Blough, Deepwater Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor

Within driving distance of Augusta

It can be hard to love our bodies in today's world. We are bombarded by images of what we "should" look like; however, these images are often unrealistic, unattainable, and sometimes, even dangerous. Trying to live up to these expectations can lead to low self-esteem, negative body image, binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, and body dysmorphic disorder. Let me help you to learn healthy coping skills, develop a more positive self-image, and build self-esteem in a safe and supportive environment.

Eating Disorder Counselor

Rebecca Lewis, MA, LPC, CAADC, SST

Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Within driving distance of Augusta

I will work with you to determine the origin of your eating disorder and the reasons why you engage in this behavior. I will have you evaluate the negative outcomes of this behavior and the payoffs you get from engaging in it. I will also help you to develop coping skills that you can use when you feel like you want to revert back to old behaviors.

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Are you ready to start on a new path? Thank you for visiting our Michigan search of licensed therapists in Augusta who specialize and have experience treating food issues such as anorexia, over eating, food aversions, orthorexia nervosa and bulimia.  Food issues affect anyone, both children and adults and can impede our relationships and daily life. Counseling for help with food and eating is a vital component of healthy recovery and restoration. Find the right counselor for eating and food issues in Augusta right now and begin your new life.

Augusta is located in Washtenaw County, Michigan. It has a land area of 36.70 square miles and a water area of 0.08 square miles.  The population of Augusta is 7,004 people with 2,191 households and a median annual income of $67,315. .

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