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Couples Counsellor

Clinic Dr. Bita, TM


Within driving distance of Sainte Madeleine

According to our psychologists in Montreal, family /couples therapy is based on the belief that one’s family is a unique social system with its own structure and patterns of communication. These patterns are determined by many factors, including the parents' beliefs and values, the personalities of all family members, and the influence of the extended family (grandparents, aunts, and uncles). As a result of these variables, each family develops its own unique personality, which is powerful and affects all of its members. These actors also impact the quality of the relationships between couples. If you feel like your family is in need of therapy sessions, or your relationship needs a boost, d

Couples Counsellor

Arash Kameli, MA, CCC

Certified Canadian Counsellor

Within driving distance of Sainte Madeleine

Couples may be going through hardships, changes, sexual issues, transformations and sometimes the experience of being in your couple can be very challenging to understand and/or deal with. Many couples do not know how or where to start understanding what happened before it feels like it's too late. Here's the good news: It's never too late. As a couple, if you feel like a safe, neutral and caring environment may be what you do to figure out what to do to help fix damages or address problems like infidelity/changes after marriage/after children/aging/in-laws.... (and so on), contacting Kameli Counselling can be your first step towards better places.

Couples Counsellor

Emily Blake, Ph.D.


Within driving distance of Sainte Madeleine

Blake Psychology has specialized couples therapists for nearly every concern, such as sexual issues, co-parenting, pre-marital counselling, dealing with conflict or lack of connection/intimacy. etc. Couples therapy can help you re-kindle your romance, cope with a separation, or figure out how to work on a specific problem. We work with all kinds of couples and are gay-friendly. If you are not sure if you need couples counselling or individual therapy, we can help you decide.

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Sainte Madeleine is located in Quebec, Canada. It has a land area of 5.37 square kilometers.  The population of Sainte Madeleine is 2,233 people with 926 households . The population ranking for Sainte Madeleine is #1253 nationally and #356 for the province of Quebec with a density of 415.90 people per sq km. Sainte Madeleine therapists serve postal code: J0H.