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  • 4999 Rue Sainte-Catherine, Montreal, Quebec, H3Z 1T3
  • Phone: 514-999-2482, Ext. 0
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  • Session Fees: $195 per Session (Single); $250 per Session (Couples or Family)
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  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

Clinic Dr. BitaTM  was founded by the famous Montreal psychologist Dr. Bita in the late 2000's, as she gained a reputation for quality-assured psychology, and the sheer thousands of Canadians she has helped throughout her career.
Dr. Bita has expanded her scope into various ventures including appearing on Live Radio, and 3 Amazon-Selling Books. Her latest book is a self-help godsend, entitled Stress Free in 8 Steps. 
 Dr. Bita is notorious for her contributions to the field of clinical psychology. She has made 2 revolutionary discoveries, in academia with profound implications and societal consequences. Her first discovery focused on the effects of social isolation among mass immigrants; the implications of this discovery on radicalism make it useful for detecting high-risk areas in National Defense. 
Her 2nd discovery shocked the world of psychology: although acute stress can benefit sex in the short-run, chronic stress hinders it. Sex therapy has never been the same, since this discovery. 

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