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Experienced counsellors in Sainte Thérèse, QC for anorexia, bulimia, food aversion, orthorexia nervosa and other food issues.

Eating Disorder Counsellor

Pierre Benoit, RCCH

Registered Counselling Clinical Hypnotherapist

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EMOTIONAL WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - because it is time to take back your control! ARE YOUR EMOTIONS GETTING IN THE WAY OF YOUR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT? ARE YOU FEELING DISCOURAGED? The Emotional Weight Management Program deals with helping you to stop emotional eating patterns. The benefits of the Emotional Weight Management Program are: - You give less importance to food as it relates to your feeling of well-being - You build up your confidence and self-esteem - You increase the appeal of healthy foods, making them more desirable and fatty foods less desirable - You incorporate in to your life new patterns of behaviour!

Eating Disorder Counsellor

Clinic Dr. Bita, TM


Within driving distance of Sainte Thérèse

Our nutritionist in Montreal can help you reach your various nutrition goals. Often, goals vary depending on the person. Some may want to lose weight, whereas some others may want to keep a stable blood sugar to mediate their diabetes. Whatever your goals may be, we can help you achieve them. Over time, you will achieve your goals, and feel great about yourself.

Eating Disorder Counsellor

Emily Blake, Ph.D.


Within driving distance of Sainte Thérèse

Eating disorders can become very serious if left untreated. At Blake Psychology we offer therapy for Anorexia and Bulimia, as well as binge eating and emotional eating. Therapy can help you to get to the root of the problem, and to learn the coping skills necessary to keep yourself safe and happy, while learning to love the body you've got, and more importantly-to love yourself more.

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Are you ready to start on a new path? Thank you for visiting our Quebec search of licensed therapists in Sainte Thérèse who specialize and have experience treating food issues such as anorexia, over eating, food aversions, orthorexia nervosa and bulimia.  Food issues affect anyone, both children and adults and can impede our relationships and daily life. Counselling for help with food and eating is a vital component of healthy recovery and restoration. Find the right counselor for eating and food issues in Sainte Thérèse right now and begin your new life.

Sainte Thérèse is located in Quebec, Canada. It has a land area of 9.48 square kilometers.  The population of Sainte Thérèse is 25,989 people with 12,170 households . The population ranking for Sainte Thérèse is #164 nationally and #43 for the province of Quebec with a density of 2741.50 people per sq km. Sainte Thérèse therapists serve postal code: J7H.